V22 Release: Unable to access new stronghold level 21 and buildings (Answer: they won't be enabled until probably Monday June 17)

This gives me a severe headache.

The days are so long now…

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We’ve heard an update that they’re still planning on later today, but I don’t know the timing.

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Got a message saying it would be released. The time stated was over an hour ago. Still no option for stronghold 21. Empires and disappointment strikes again. This is incredibly ridiculous.

it would be so helpful if they gave us a definitive date and time where the new stuff will be unlocked. that way we need not keep speculating:roll_eyes:

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2019-06-17T10:00:00Z if you want to know in your local time… About an hour from now :slight_smile:


Hi, the new buildings won’t be unlocked instantly after the maintenance break but we are hoping to unlock them still later today. We’ll keep you posted!


There was a message stating “in 30 minutes” and that was well overt 2 hours ago. What gives? Stop telling us a specific time only to not follow through!

And, based on the other changes, I fully expect choosing upgrade to crash my game.

Thanks for the update, Petri. My builder took his iron to go update a farm instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here, the message I got early was for 0700 UTC for stopping support for v21. feels like something went wrong while they tried to unlock the buildings and they need more time to troubleshoot before the release?

It really is incredibly frustrating. They are the ones setting an ultimatum. They are the ones in control. It reinforces my lack of confidence in their abilities. Disheartening, upsetting, and disappointing don’t even begin to cover what I feel.

Hoping? Really?! If you aren’t able to create a stable release, then don’t say that’s what is happening.

Thanks @Petri more time for us to collect the iron we’ll need!


@Advo If you aren’t able to keep your impatience on the leash, then I don’t think it’s a game for you :wink:


I understand that waiting can be frustrating, but we want to make sure the new update is running smoothly before we can enable the new buildings. The earlier message was sent to announce that we have now forced the new update and you can only access the game with the updated game. I hope this helps to clarify!


Patience isn’t the issue. Nor is classification. I do appreciate the response. And I look forward to the update. Let me be very clear on that.

I just received a second notice saying “in 30 minutes …”. What I’m saying is that you should figure out what’s happening, then stick to what you tell everyone.

I do apologize for my lack of tact. But it’s incredibly infuriating to be told something will happen only to have a “hope” for said group, or individual, to follow through with it. I hope that makes sense.

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@Gibbs well, it is Empires & Patience lol … I understand that completely. :slight_smile:


Auto correct and a lack of double checking … sorry

Clarification, not classification
Gibs, not Gibbs

Again, sorry

What Petri is trying to say is that they did stick to what they’re saying:

  1. At 2019-06-17T07:00:00Z there was an update that forced people to upgrade to V22. So everybody that was still playing V21 could until that time. After that time they got a message they needed to upgrade and couldn’t get into the game. This went as planned. There was no downtime for people already playing V22.
  2. At 2019-06-17T10:00:00Z there’ll be another update for all players. Presumably to do some work to be able to activate the advanced buildings later today.
  3. At an undefined time later today (presumably unless problems occur during 2) they’ll activate the advanced buildings and upgrade possibility to SH21.

So they actually did what they said. However, I can agree with you that the communication wasn’t very clear, so I can understand if people interpreted it differently and thought the advanced building would go live during 1 (I was actually one of those people!)


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