V22 Release: Unable to access new stronghold level 21 and buildings (Answer: they won't be enabled until probably Monday June 17)

I’ve updated to the latest version but I still can’t access any new stronghold levels

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Correct. Please see the build notes for the new update:


This is always the case. The new feature rolls out once everyone has a chance to update.
I’m excited! I had nearly maxed iron…so i went to try and upgrade already and then remembered this!
I hear it’s going to take 8 days to level up the new stronghold!


They actually didn’t do this for emblems initially, and there was some consternation as a result. I think it is currently their standard protocol though :slight_smile:


I was actually thinking that as i wrote. I was one of the last to get to update and that was frustrating that others were getting mats i couldn’t yet


How long does it usually take for a major update to roll out to everyone? I don’t have it on Android yet and it sounds like they haven’t even started rolling it out to IOS.

Potentially a week or more, depending on whether there are issues. Android allows for a phased rollout so that developers can catch issues early and halt if needed, before everyone is stuck with some nasty previously-undetected bug.

There is also some phasing that is done by Google (and, I believe, Apple) so that their servers don’t get completely slammed by an update to big games like this.

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Do you know if there have been any issues so far?

I definitely understand the phasing; I can imagine 1.5 million people trying to download a major update at the same time would cause problems. Makes sense. I hadn’t thought of it.

If there were something big, you’d see a ton of reports in a big thread here :slight_smile: But the rubber will really meet the road with war hits.

I’ve got the new update, and it seems to be working OK. Fingers crossed that my Raid Tourney hits and War Hits aren’t screwed up, though!


Don’t they usually disable war during the roll out of a big update?

I hope it doesn’t hurt raid tournament. This is the best I’ve ever done. Top 1% and defense grade A. I love Wilbur and Proteus :joy:

The last update they didn’t disable war. And I agree–I’m doing pretty well in raidT, so I hope there are no issues too!

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I’m probably jinxing myself, but I’ve never done this well before. I am more interested in getting those upgrades started. To make most use of both builders, I might speed up the construction of the stronghold.

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FYI, I was able to get the Android update in the Google Play Store this morning. North America, Central time zone. It didn’t auto-update, but i was able to click Update to get it going.

yeah… wait until everyone make their update…xD

Hello Garanwyn I have a problem. My game is updated and my current stronghold level is still 20 .

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Hi @Dina I’ve moved your post to the thread discussing this question. Often times people have the same question, and so there will be an existing thread on it.

I updated my game to version 22 but still no option to upgrade stronghold to 21. Is this an ongoing issue. I have iPhone.

The upgrades will become available when all players are updated. Will take a few days for that to happen.


Hmm. The update notes @Petri posted say “Please note that new features (Stronghold update and new Buildings) will be available once we have rolled out the update for all players.”

That’s happened now, so might it not become available sooner than later?

Only because you received the update that does not mean that everybody received it…
I did not…

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