V22 new tiles design – I don't like it, can I switch back to the old design? [SOLVED]

Am I right there is something wrong with the tiles design after switching to new version?. I dont like it. Is there any option to come back to the old design?

Are you default tiles?

Or v22 color blind?


Nice, they added element icons to the gems :slight_smile:


That’s to aid players that are colour blind. Good move by SG


@Ozy1 looks like they gave you exactly what you were asking for :slight_smile:



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Whatever was changed regarding tile colors in the V22 update CHANGE IT BACK! When viewing tiles it causes severe eye pain affecting game play. I turned OFF the color blind mode in order to use default colors and restarted the game. The general game colors are the same as always so my assumption is it is something related to the color blind mode that affects the default mode.

Please fix it because I now have a serious headache from playing 3 titan Flags.

Found my problem and it was the color blind mode being ON. Somehow I didn’t turn it off correctly. The element symbols on the tiles were there in V21. V22 colorblind mode makes the symbol vibrant compared to the background tile color. Turn the colorblind mode OFF to view the “old” tiles.

Feedback to SG on colorblind mode. The V22 colorblind mode element symbols appear to vibrate with an intense color that caused pain. When viewing the sliding color adjustment bars, their color intensities are not equivalent. I recommend having an actual tile image (size, color, intensity, etc) to see the adjustment effects rather than having to view them in a battle, potentially waisting Flags.


New design is awesome, like it. Good job

This is a very good idea. Ideally they’d show a couple of rows of tiles with different colors interspersed; this would allow individuals to fine tune their color choices to best cope with their particular form of color-blindness.

Still, this is a big improvement in the game for the ~8% of people with some variant of color blindness. Good job, SG.


This appears to be the contrast setting.

The animation always flashed. But the latest Color blind mode increases the contrast amount. This makes them actually brighter ( compare the fire shards above ).

Just like strobing lights in a movie can trigger light sensitive migraines, the new color blind mode can trigger this especially in dim environments.

Updated with images


V22 running, but no changes of the tiles for me. Hmmm???

See OP’s post above – Color-blind mode had been switched on somehow.


Ah, got it, thx.
You can switch between color blind and usual by setting it up in the options.

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It wasn’t so much flashing as vibrating. By vibrating, I mean just barely detectable refresh rate of a screen. Most PC screens refresh at 50 MHz which some people can see. We increase the refresh rate to max. It’s been scientifically proven that strobing lights faster than can be seen with the naked eye can trigger migraines and seizures. Fluorescent light bulbs are known migraine triggers for that reason. The gas in the tube is electrically excited which causes the atoms to vibrate at a specific frequency releasing light at the associated wavelength. And the eye pain I experienced was what I associate with this light vibration.

Ok, enough chemistry/physics/migraine science. More E&P playing!

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I checked a video from June 5th. When tiles/ troops hit an enemy the board dims then lightens. I covered the top of the screen during the frame by frame to remove the white flashes at the top.

In v22, normal mode dims the board more than my June 5th video.

In v22, color blind mode, the dark parts of a tile dim significantly more than in normal mode. The lighter parts of the tile do not dim at all, creating a perception of flashing.

My understanding of a Gryphonkit’s migraine means flashing darkness ( v22 ) is just as bad as flashing lightness.


Ok thanks for providing solution. I switched off the color blind and everything looks as usual now😁


Hi all
@Petri @Garanwyn
I would like to thank SG for their time and effort into helping us coloured blind players. These new changes have really made a difference in many ways. I also like the addition of the elements on the dragons which has helped a lot with avoiding errors.
No excuses for losing now is there, lol.

I truely hope SG gets to see this message as they deserve a BIG THANK YOU and to know that their effects are appreciated. (By some at least).

Below are examples , the first is using the settings bars (yellow/green and blue/purple) at full opposites to each other.

I did find this to be a bit of an eye sore in contrast FOR ME.

The following images is using these settings.

And they worked out perfectly. Wasn’t to bright or sore to the eyes at all.

Also the rings at the base of the opponents hero for the first time I could actually see a difference and tell which was which colour.

See I now know red is at the top left corner and blue in the top right corner with green as the tank. It saved me a lot of confusion and help game play heaps.

So again SG THANK YOU.

LOL! That last bit is a joke, hope you have a sense of humor when you read it. Cheers


@Petri pls fwd this to SG

also I think the title should be changed and moved to player guides so it will be easier for the ones that really need it

also shoudl be added here Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides


Light levels

I rechecked a video from June 5th.

It looks like I was being confused by the speed of the enemy’s turn.

The board DIMS just before a physical / slash attack. This is actually very helpful in normal mode since it lets you more easily track the path of the attack.

This causes problems then the change is fast, and the shields have a high contrast light/ dark portions.

The shield FLASH as they turn from shields into troops. This is helpful to draw your attention to which shields are involved in a combo.

This causes problems when the change is fast, and a large portion of the board is dark contrast.

Version 22.1.1

Very hard to tell without a Video editing app, but it looks like v22.1.1 may have altered the timing of the dims, and the flashes.

I will have to try Color blind mode for a longer period of time and see if I can notice a difference.

Reflect color and missing color

Having fun playing around with color blind mode by changing only the color that is reflected ( red on a rare red titan ) or only the color that is missing ( purple in the current Tourney ).

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