V22 - New Missions Added

In the v22 release notes they talk about new missions…
Does anyone knows anything about it!?
What are they!?
WHERE are they!?


I wondered about it also, and have none new.

@zephyr1 got some insight on this ?? Maybe some new rare quests???:smiley:

I presume the Missions would be…Missions. (Not Quests.) :slight_smile:

Like these:

@Peterenp noted that maxing the Stronghold to 25 is likely one of them.

I presume they’d be related to building and farming materials, given the timing of their addition.

I’ll investigate more in Beta when it reopens, and it might be more obvious as we complete our Stronghold 21 upgrades. :slight_smile:


I think this might be referring to new missions under the “Missions” Icon. E.g. “upgrade a farm to advanced level ## and the reward is ## gems”…?

That was how I interpreted it…


Thanks @zephyr1. Helpful as always :slight_smile:


I can’t see any new missions in v22. There’s nothing related to upgrading buildings. Maybe they added more “collect food” or “collect iron” but that wouldn’t be really exciting…

One shows in Beta for upgrading your Stronghold to Level 25.

I suspect it doesn’t show up until you get to 21.

The reward shown is 50 gems.

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I have Hunter’s Lodge, advanced mine, advanced farm, and advanced food storage. All level 1(mine going to level 2). No other missions have shown up. I don’t have Harpoons researched.


I hope it is something worthwhile. Right now my mission section is nearly complete

Most likely will the the upgrade of new buildings and a little bit of other stuff.

I hope it’s more than just that. The could be really interesting missions, not just endless grinding (defeat 1600 Kappas, defeat 2k Drones) and milestones you will reach anyway.

Maybe stuff like that:

  • Have 10/20/30 consecutive wins in Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond arena
  • Defeat ten 2500+/3500+/4000+ teams with 4 heroes only
  • Defeat ten 4300 TP teams with classic 4* heroes only
  • Complete season 1 with 3* heroes only
  • have a 25k/50k/100k Titan hit (ok, this is also just a milestone)