V22 Mystic vision ads not playing correctly or not giving rewards

After logging on to do my war hits this morning I had to click on my MV 12 times to get one working ad. How much money are they making on ad revenue for me loading 12 ads to get 1 Bobby prize?! Latest update is installed.Screenshot_2019-06-09-11-08-33|300x500

I think you might have some malware on your phone, if you’ve downloaded something recently from a non trusted source? Doesn’t sound right


New phone. Next guess?

I have the same problem, but only on my second Acc in BlueStacks… it’s annoying, but nothing more. My first Acc is on an Android phone and I don’t have to watch 1-5 ads there. I blamed it on BlueStacks (not supported), maybe that’s not the real reason?

Samsung Android. Not on pc. Glad I’m not alone

When I use Bluestacks, certain ads don’t work right for me either. They’re always very abbreviated, but they don’t register as a “view” it seems like. Not sure why, but since it’s only a few extra seconds I haven’t bothered to open a ticket.

If it’s bothering you by doing that multiple times, sounds like opening a ticket might be worthwhile.

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so this has been happening before - often it would take 2 or even 3 tries before I could successfully finish watching the ad and get the rewards. most of the time when it happened, the ad wouldnt play till the end, goes to the closing screen in 10-15 seconds and you have to start watching another add.
but today it took the cake - it took me 5 tries to finally finish watching an ad and get the rewards.
what is the matter? and it is not my connection, since most of the time I am 1 meter away from my router or on wired connection through BS.

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I have the same issues

And now besides the chat not working, the mystic vision let’s you watch the ad and then freezes without giving rewards. Nothing new in the activity log either.

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Try out nox player. It’s better than blue stacks.

I’m getting the same mystic vision issue. Watch the video and when you close it out nothing happens. Close out the game and then reopen it. Watch mystic vision again and again nothing

Same here. Press white x and nothing happens

Same here, not getting reward for watching mystic vision and unable to do purchase while on data, not even seeing the Sand Event deal on the screen :worried:

I sent in a support ticket and the response said they know it’s an issue. Hopefully it’s corrected soon.

Same here, since this morning can’t watch the video, goes back to screen and leaves a x on the play button. Android phone

Mine just worked again so fingers crossed!

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