V22 Featured Message

Hi all

I have noticed the looks of the featured message have changed.

  • Color is back to blue again

  • Can be collapsed and folded out again

  • Can be completely hidden showing only a red/orange !

I like the cosmatic changes that when you click the message it pops up and shows you the featured message in full. Really looks a lot better than the ‘old version’.

But as a co-leader I have my doubts about the changes.
We all have these 1 or 2 members that are not online as much as the rest, and have trouble being reached. The yellow version was a lot more visible than this blue one that can easily be mistaken for ‘regular chat’ as it is in the same color.
When the not so attentive players by accident close the message they will only see the red/orange ! and this is easy to be missed.
We have our internal communication about war (tank, tactics, timing etc) in this message. Will try to monitor how this will end up and see if players can find the message easily or not.
Personally I would love to see the yellow-ish color back so it is more easy to be seen and gets more attention.

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