V22: Disconnected at the very end of a fight (after the fight completed), including wars, raids, tourney, and quests



That should attach just fine. And it sure looks like a bug to me. Ouch.

@princess1 is this what you observed too?

Happened just now on tourney attack, disconnected as the last two opposing heroes we’re killed, but gave me a loss and zero points.

Okay, now this is ridiculous! Went back to try another tourney flag and same thing happened again. These were immediate disconnects just as tourney raids we’re won.

So now I’m nearly out of the tourney and I guess I’ll just wait for a normal raid flag to fill hero chest. Should I just let my last tourney flags of the day go and hope this is fixed by tomorrow? One more loss and I’ll be eliminated. :angry:

Exactly the same for me. I breathed a sigh of relief that my battle was over but when I checked it was like it never happened.

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Please make sure you submit a support ticket. I’d reference this thread.

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0 points after a win. Not nice.

Had that happen twice to me today…right at the kill shot.

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Had just won a tournament rain but was kicked just as it finished an was given a 0 an shows lost the match an i want 2 show the picture of the lost match

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@varlov @CrazyClara @EdNov1197 please submit a support ticket. If you reference this thread, it may help SG see that it’s a single connected issue.

Here’s how to submit a ticket:


Make sure you click the “Support” button on the in-game menu, NOT “Report A Bug.”

I appreciate your efforts but honestly, when I’ve had an issue like this previously it gets quickly dismissed as being my own device problem.

I find it so demoralizing, I decided to not put myself through that again.

Mines just crashed and caused me to lose a war flag…this is ridiculous…you would think with the millions they’ve made from us …they would have better servers

Get it together SG

Did you disconnect briefly after the fight, or did your app actually crash?

With “classic quest” i meant the emblems event. Same like Tato and princess1.

We lost our war by such a small amt, we could have won if not for this connection error that is still not resolved from what I’m reading, looks like its effecting the entire game. Very frustrating and disappointing to lose this way, we literally used all but 1 flag and should have won, why does this keep happening?

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