V22: Disconnected at the very end of a fight (after the fight completed), including wars, raids, tourney, and quests

I don’t want to start a different thread and I feel my issue is relevant because it’s also a connection issue from today.

I just completed the final quest on the Trials when I lost connection for just a split second. I wasn’t kicked from the game but when I looked, it showed that I hadn’t fought and lost the 20 lives.

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Usually when I lost connection, I can still get reconnected to the game even if it last around 15 seconds. It’s weird that a split second can cause that, seems like a bug indeed.

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This was an odd one. Normally a lost connection brings up the 3 flashing bars and the message.

All I got was the disconnect message for literally a split second. Wasn’t booted out of the game it just carried on as normal.

I never thought to take a screenshot, and it wouldn’t have added extra information regardless. I admit I was shocked to see it didn’t record the battle as won when I had clearly finished it before the connection was lost.

Bummed :zipper_mouth_face:

Sure the issue has been solved?

Kicked from the game suddenly, no time to take a screenshot because the game try to load inmediatly.

Have we to record all the time or what do we do?

Not only in the war is the disconnection, ally members report disconnections in raids, event and World map.


V22 problems here, too. Two crashes today. Last one on classic quest last stage. Never had this before!

@Garanwyn @petri the game has disconnected after completed emblems event, the last stage.

So I dont have to put a request as I read in post 38.

That’s correct?

That was only for the war-related issue that got resolved around 11h ago, and as far as I know, they have already sent compensation for that. If you’re having a new issue unrelated to war hits, that’s something completely different.

You can send in a support request, but unless there’s a large-scale issue that is their fault, I don’t think they tend to send compensation.

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SG never give a compensation for any request.

I only try to improve the game.

I know I have to repeat the last stage of emblems event.

The issue is similar to the war disconection.

And when I wrote in the chat what happened, two members were complaining for war disconnection.

I thought then the issue was similar to the war one.

Terrible day Today for SG connection section :wink:

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There appear to be a few complaints with respect to disconnects, but there’s no pattern that I’m seeing so far. There might be another problem with the update, but if so, my guess is, it’s pretty localized.

I’ve been updated since yesterday and haven’t had any disconnects myself.

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How close to the end of the fight were you?

I finished the stage. @Garanwyn

I was watching de rewards, emblems, food and heros in the screen and disconnected suddenly.

Now I wait for another 20 flags in WE

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That’s the second report of this, along with @princess1. I’m going to pull these two reports out into a new thread. I’m trying to find out if this is a common failure phenomenology.

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Just lost connection when taking out a team, I got 0 points, lost a flag, and lost the use of those heros!!!
Our matchup was already completely lopsided and now this!!


Screenshot_20190612-183459_Empires Screenshot_20190612-183450_Empires Screenshot_20190612-183440_Empires

And that other team us still on our battlefield!! When it was taken out completely

How close to the end of the fight did you get before the disconnect? And which version are you on?

It was the final hit, then right before the words victory would have popped up it said connection error, I submitted a ticket but I know it’s a lost cause:-(

Not necessarily. Well, I mean, your hits are gone, yeah. But this may be a bug that they can fix.

This is the fourth case of this behavior so far. I’m going to pull your post into the other thread with cases of this behavior. I’ll be alerting SG staff about it when they get in for the day (they’re GMT+2, so it’s the middle of the night for them).

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@Garanwyn @Petri
Sedond time.

This time I have recorded the moment, but I can’t upload.

Sorry for the question again. May I send the video via request?

Thank you for your help!

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Can you upload it to a video hosting site and send them the link? If not, you might be able to email it to them as a response to the support ticket email you got. But I have no idea what the limit on their mail server is, and videos can get large…


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