V22 bug? Titan regression

Has anyone else bugged Titan? in my alliance we defeated a red titan of 9 * and after 5 hours came a new red titan repeated more than 8 *. Has this happened to anyone else?

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@Fernando1475 it looks like your concern is 2 red titans in a row.

If this is the question, then yes this is very normal. The colors/titans are random so you may get the same color multiple times in a row.

If this is not the question, please clarify.

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In fact the titan that came next is the same but the previous one that was defeated was 9 * and the current one is 8 *

Thank-you for the clarification! I was wondering if the 8* mentioned in your original post was intentional or a mistype (as I’m the queen of typos!)

How quickly did your alliance kill the 9* Titan? Did you kill it close to the end of the timer? If so, the length of time an alliance takes to kill a titan does impact loot so it may also impact the RNG roll for the next one.

I’ve never seen this, but it could be normal. Perhaps someone that knows for sure will see your info and know the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

After defeating the titan still took 5 hours to come the next. I also did not see this bug in other updates, but this problem does not affect the premiums won by the current defeat.

Ours did the same thing but I’m not complaining on the contrary I like it cause that means we will kill this one too. My alliance can farm the ten star titans it’s the 11 stars we pass on so shhh don’t let them know maybe we can just stay at ten stars lol

I’m complaining about having decreased the loots on a titan that should be level 9

The new Titan, is it a rare 8 star Titan or just normal 8 star,? Although all are random, but sometimes depends on the number you have defeated in a row.

The new titan is normal red.

Well that appeared to be odd, when you consistently defeat 9 stars, you would get either 9 or higher. From my experience, the Titan level only get reduced if there are repeated escapes twice or more.

Exactly. We let a 9-star blue escape.
Then we defeated the red titan who was 9 stars too and long enough to load and wait for the next titan. For me it’s a bug because it never happened.

Well it is clearer now, but note that once there is an escape, there is potential likelihood of a demotion.

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I agree with you but then the relegation should not have been made after the Titan’s escape? In that case there was no relegation and we won the next titan. Why only after the update that there was the relegation even winning the previous titan?

Hmmm, usually the relegation is observed after the escape, not after another Titan of same level had been defeated, you may file a bug/clarification with support.

what? I thought only loot tier affected it.
and I have read things that the time it takes to kill it affects how quickly you get a stronger titan.

baga, the time you take to defeat a titan will affect in time the next will come. If you defeat him fast the next will take time to come but if you delay to defeat him the next will come next. The level if you win continues or increases but if the Titan flee can continue or decrease. Items will come according to the titan level. The lower the level the less items.

Edit: this totes isn’t a bug, but a feature! I had no idea. (my original post here was about 'was it definitely a 9* you were on to start? It apparently was!)

See two posts down for the moderator explanation.

Neat :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it was 9 * but we do not have evidence proving that we can not ‘guess’ that we would fall to a level even winning. Other people also reported the same problem related to titan.

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It happens sometimes, and isn’t new.

Here’s an example from almost 2 years ago, along with what Support said about it:


In the last week my alliance has had repeated 9s after releasing a 10, we leapt to a 10* rare, then jumped to 11* (noone was ready for it). We released the 11*, back to 10* and now we have an 11* again.

The make up of our alliance has changed, so that may explain the unpredictability of the level of titan we are facing? Also, some coloured titans are defeated faster than others… Haven’t seen a yellow titan in a while… all very random.

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