V22.1 Unable to Revenge Due To Different Versions (Not a Bug)

I know someone that had this problem as well (as many have after an update :roll_eyes:) but in this case, he could not attack due to other version of opponent…good so far. Then updated to newest version…came back to game and still could not revenge! Possible or bug?

Are we sure it was the exact same person he was unable to revenge? After all, any revenges on people using v22.0 that he failed to complete before upgrading would become unavailable once he upgraded. He would have to wait until those people upgraded to v22.1 before revenging.

That was exactly I have asked and the answer was: “yes! I wanted to revenge opponent A and could not due to different version. Then I did the update, went back to game and tried to revenge opponent A…same message about version…”
Can it be related to later IOS update maybe? No idea if my friend got IOS or Android.

No clue. That sounds like a bug, and your friend should submit a ticket. There’s no third option that I’m aware of, version-wise. So everyone has to be revengeable on v22.0 or v22.1.

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I don’t see how this is not a bug. This occurs in between newer editions as well. Just yesterday 8/1/19 before I updated I was raided and as I went to respond I got the msg of the player being of a different app version. The release for the newer version wasn’t until TODAY 8/2/19.

Bottom line is this needs to be fixed. Raids should be temporarily suspended for maintenance if SG is going to be rolling out newer versions and blocked from participation until all players are on CURRENT EDITIONS OF THE RELEASED APP. Its done for Wars? So why not?

Because Small Giant has said it’s intended behavior, and that they have reasons for doing it this way. You can add your support to the existing #ideas-feature-requests post on the subject, but I’m doubtful they’ll change it.

The newer version has been out for a few days in a phased rollout. Full availability for everyone wasn’t until today.

Indeed. That player undoubtedly updated after raiding you. As I said in the top post of this thread, once you update you’ll be able to revenge.

So your proposed solution is that everyone lose multiple days worth of raiding every month, since that’s about the cadence on which they roll out new updates? And you see this as a preferable option to sometimes having to wait a couple of days before you can revenge some attacks?

I disagree that this is a good solution. I’ve had a raid that was hanging in my watchtower for two days due to different versions. I updated today and revenged it. The delay was not the end of the world.


This :point_up_2:
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You;re not blocked from participation, only blocked from revenging someone on a different version for a couple days. You can still raid all you want and revenge anyone on the same version.


Hi @Petrifiedquagmire !!! Yes many really want items back and ‘we joke around’ about wanting items back. Thats because we know SG just does not do that. No ill intent was meant… As you read through the forum you’ll see the mods are (boss like) free to work volunteers :sweat_smile: :rofl: and there is a lot of harmless banner. Hope you enjoy the game and forum !!

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