V22.1 Training Camp Timer Stuck/Frozen or Counting While No Training in Progress

My training camps are getting stuck at 58m 7s


Hi @Jpbultema2, welcome to the Forum!

You posted in a joke thread, so I moved your post to a new Bug Report. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming this timer problem continues even if you force quit the game or restart your phone?

If so, I’d suggest contacting Support for help with this, as the Forum is only for player peer support, so there’s not much any of us fellow players will be able to do to help you.

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Same issue my girlfriend is having.

I’ll have her force quit and restart her phone to see if that works.

My girlfriend is having an issue where her TCs are showing that they are currently training, but the countdown timers are not actually counting down and when she clicks on the training menu in the camps themselves, they show nothing training. Is this just a visual bug or did one of the updates break her training camp functionality?

Sorry if this is a repeat post, I didn’t see any recent topics regarding this issue.


Okay so zero answers, one other post from someone else experiencing the same issue. So I guess I’ll answer the question myself.

The bug appears to just be visual. You can start new trainings in the TC and it should reset the timer.

Topic can be closed now.

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I have a reoccurring glitch after the update. When I’m making hero’s the time freezes and I have to close the game and restart it again. It didnt do this before only today after I updated it. And the progress I made this morning before I updated it was wiped after the update. Anyone else?

there’s a huge bug occurring after the last update. The training camp are stuck, there s the timing going but there’s nothing in the making. To get that unstuck you have to re feed recruits again wasting them but after you put them to in there you lose those too

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Im having that exact issue

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So, I’ve seen this and people in my alliance have seen this, but it isn’t that they are stuck. At least in our cases its that their is a visual bug that still shows the timer even after all the training was finished. We went in, collected the heroes and all was well with the world.

Ever since I did the update two days ago my training camps don’t work properly. I have lost a ton or resources and recruits! Anyone else having trouble???

Hi @Bigred, welcome to the forums.

It would be really helpful if you could elaborate the problem in more details, and add screenshots or videos if possible. It makes it easier for everyone to help you. :slight_smile:

Doing some more search, I think a lot of players might be having the same problem. Check out this thread.

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When I look at training camps they have the count down time going even if I am no longer training any heros. When I click on it I can train and the timer resets according to what I am training but as soon as it’s done it resumes “ghost training”

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Yep, seen this as well. @zephyr1 - I think we have three threads on the same bug, just described slightly different ways.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

  1. In training camps, the game shows that there is a training of heroes, but when you open the camp, there is no training!

  2. Bug with my avatar in chat

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Try rebooting your device.


The avatar one is a common bug it seems. Probly 100th time I’ve heard about it. My device has been restarted and cache has been cleared and avatar still randomly changes to match someone in chat

1st I’ve heard of the tc bug tho


It happened to me too but after few secs it goes fine…
I heard that about training camps but related with multi account on same device… after you change account it kept the counters from the previous account…
I also found this and it didnt desapear until reboot the game…

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Same here. It’s showing that it’s counting down but it’s actually just frozen and I have to keep restarting my device. The problem is when I have 4 training farms going on at the same time and I don’t realize one of them is frozen Until I click on it so the whole time I’m thinking it’s training something and it’s frozen could’ve used it for train more instead it just wasted time thinking it’s training when it’s not. Again when u have 4 going at the same time your not always gona remember what’s what

I’m now having the issue as well. My girlfriend got it first because she downloaded the update before I did. I didn’t get the bug until after downloading the latest update.

If it’s just a visual bug, I’ll just ignore it until it’s fixed. But part of me worries that I might have lost some heroes as the timers are now stuck and I can’t remember how many I was training. Of course I won’t get any sort of compensation and there’s no sense in sending in a support ticket, because I can’t actually prove that I didn’t get the heroes I thought I was training. :confused:

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