V20 - Improved AI for Raid Defense?

It feels as though the AI for defenders has improved in v20. My defenders have been winning more and my raid attacks have been dismal against heroes I have become accustomed to plundering easily.

I have checked and my raid history pre vs post v20 update seems to bear out a marked shift.

Personally, I would prefer my defense team to lose more often and my attacking team to win more often for enjoyment purposes. I SEE my win or loss when I initiate the attack but the defending team is a dry list of wins and loses from the watchtower so much less emotional impact.

I don’t think that I am alone in this and perhaps the sample size is small and it is just an aberration but boy did I come close to having to buy a new phone!

My apologies to SG if there was no change in the algo, please think about tweaking it back down a notch if there was.

Thank you.


I haven’t noticed this yet, and some of it could be due to several heroes ( 15 ) receiving buffs, so that, along with emblem use is making older ones we usually beat easily most of the time, become a bit more challenging to fight against.

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Agree, but I haven’t been facing many buffed heroes, Guin tanks, Zeline flank, came up against a strong but managable team, fought three times killed ONE hero once in three raids. Ares (no buff in v20) isn’t usually a major problem but couldn’t scratch him in three raids either.

My boards have been appalling on a couple of raids (the one that almost cost me my phone was almost surreal it was so poor but I’ve had astonishingly good boards too, just that after a run of horrifying losses the poor board was almost too much for my self control) but over the course of several raids that evens out. I burned a bunch of raid flasks (4?) and bought seven or eight continues yesterday and today. My attacking raid success rate has smashed through the floorboards, down through the celler and is somewhere close to the earth’s mantel. It may just be a bad run but it is impressively poor.

I don’t have a raid history log, too much effort for a game when there never seemed to be more than a few raids here or there that felt unusually poor. So this is anecdotal unfortunately.

Using the same set of heroes, I tended to be able to win with a deficit of 300-400 in TP with regularity. Now the same heroes are leveled and have emblems so I am almost even in TP and losing 40-50 trophies when I initiated the raid and bring the properly matched heroes.

With the flasks and continuations I am looking at about 70 raids and a terrible win percentage in spite of being relatively stronger relative to my opponents than I was just a few months (weeks) ago. Not only that, the margin of loss is huge, typically a lose would be a close fought contest with my heroes having done damage to the other team, now I am being annihilated with all five of their heroes still standing in many of my losses which is… unusual.

This is what makes me wonder if the AI has been improved. If it has, I would prefer a bit less optimization in defensive AI since we only witness the raids we initiate. If it has not, I am not able to explain my immediate decline in ability.

The improvement to some heroes may help but I simply haven’t faced many of the newly buffed heroes except for Khagan, he is clearly more effective than before but I did win that raid (barely).

I feel like I have been doing about the same in raids, but will try to watch and see if I notice a difference since the update…….I do find that I tend to have streaks of wins and losses, that hasn’t changed. No one else in the alliance has mentioned any change.

My thought is, even if it was improved somehow, it might also benefit us as defenders by improving our AI as well. At least that’s how I hope it would work.

I agree 100%, we would benefit while defending. Emotionally that isn’t as rewarding so if there was a tweak I’d prefer them to undo it. If there was not then… sigh, it is me and a bit of bad luck and I will have proven myself a whiner in the process.


Lol…not a whiner…it’s good to bring up a concern if something seems off, that’s how we find bugs and glitches. I am not sure how to see if it’s happening, as we can’t see their boards when AI is operating…the only thing we can see is if maybe their heroes specials are not following the usual left to right pattern when firing.

We can see our boards when in auto-play, so it might be worth watching to see if the usual pattern of how AI works the boards is the same. For example, it always uses any diamonds and dragonheads first, and always fires specials left to right.

And I swear it deliberately ignores any chance to create a diamond!

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I have not seen anything similar to your post. If anything, my raiding has been more successful. Could be just the ebb and flow of the game.

I have noticed in the last 2 days that I’m losing defensively as well as offensively in almost every raid. Very frustrating!! I have put my phone down and walked away from the game for the day. I’ve been playing for little over a year now and haven’t had this much difficulty with raids sucking the enjoyment out of them like it has now. I enjoy raiding (alot) and hope tomorrow is a better turn of events.

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since my original post “normal” service seems to have resumed. Some horrible boards (at times they arrive one after another and the hero chest is at 7 after 6 flags, that hurts), some excellent boards and mostly average.

The AI…hmmm. It appears to have gone back to being randomly stupid as before. I suppose that the update for me coincided with a horrible run of boards and bad luck vs the AI.

Best of luck! I put the game away for a day right after I started this thread because a new phone is expensive and there was a real danger of me breaking it in frustration.

Yes, it does happen. At one point I had bad boards for so long I started thinking I was the culprit and I asked some people to look over video I took of my boards and play…but no they agreed the boards just sucked. I got to a place where I said I would give it one more week, and then I would just quit the game, and two days into that week, things turned around.

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Nothing is helping my defense, I went from loosing 70% up to over 90% I’m sure it will come back around in a day or two.