🎲 [v2] Alchemy Lab FAQ & Discussion


What does this sign means?

That you have enough shards to do a combine.


It is a brand new feature.

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Please make a correct and complete map of the Alchamy building as there are a few misplaced maps

Example Step 6 takes 3 hours but while writing is 15 hours

In the graphics there are always 2 levels put together.
So may be you counted differently. Your step 6 is step 3 in the graphics. And step 6 in the graphics which is 15 hours is your step 12 by counting each individually.

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I can’t access my own running alchemy lab right for 6A. Pretty sure it is 15h.

The graphics above is included in Wise Goat bot which is used by several thousand players on a daily basis.

I am pretty convinced the graphics is correct and you are mixing something up.

No level to choose 3* ascension material. I need scabards

Mind blown. What do you need scabbards for??

They just drop as map loot tbh. I have masses of them

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Used em all making 3*troops in HA

Hadn’t even noticed tbh

Mines below…how many days of HA6 have you got running??


99trainings.247days.its not about running out. It’s cos I run out of food for the recruits so I like the iron alternative

Even storing 100, you (and I) wouldn’t run out. And then you have 2.5 days before you can shove another in.

There came a point where I just came to peace with my recruits just sat at 300 and the rest just going to waste now.

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Yeah it is fine. But it is a gap in the lab as all other material under 4* can be chosen. But but deffo no biggie

Ha. Scabards needed

Which levels are the best for shards?? Making a lot of shards in little time?? Thx

The higher levels are best timewise

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What are you making that needs scabbards? I have 922 haha

Just read the thread, you must have some great troops now!

Got 137 3*troops for when I push from level 17 to 23

I can tell you in exacting detail how much food you need :joy: Been going through the pain.

21 to 23 will take around 3.2 million in food assuming all 3* you are feeding.

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