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This is the same as any other building, except the watchtower. You can’t use it and upgrade it at the same time.


How do we empty the watchtower if we can’t upgrade it while it’s in use.

I believe the watchtower is the exception. Things like farms, mines, and other buildings can’t be used while they are being upgrade.


I just received this 10 emblem offer… I already reported this bug. Anyone else have same experience?

Was it your first transmutation?
Everybody gets only 10 emblems with their first, the next should be 30. If it wasn’t your first, than I don’t know,mine works properly no bugs here.

No it was not. It was my 4th I guess.

What Ferg means is that your first transmutation after the emblems update a few months ago ?
Before the update everybody got the 10 emblems offer. And after the update only the FIRST transmutation is 10 emblems, the second transmutation and so on 30 emblems.

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I had the same issue two transmutation after update were only 10 emblems offer but I didn’t bother to report this, now is always 30.

For completeness’ sake: houses are another exception. Their capacity doesn’t go down while you’re upgrading them (it would break the game otherwise).

Back to the real subject, the Alchemy Lab:
I’ve heard the most useful levels and max alkashards come from 4a, 6a, 10a - or, if you don’t want to spend 100 gems a week on 10a, 4a, 5a, 6a.

Is that your experience, too? What levels/items do you find most useful to craft? Asking because I recently completed AL10 and am trying to decide which levels to research next.

It’s a personal thing… I am going back to complete it after I had completed the hero academy. When I ran 2, I was running 3A (to get backpacks), and 6B to get farmable 3* for future usage in 10A when I get there. I wasn’t running it solely to get shards. I haven’t decided which is the third recipe I’ll run, but likely 10A once in a while. Maybe use a recipe I have a surplus of, like 1 or 2 star crafting materials, or 1 or 2 star battle items if I just want to generate shards. But since I do use antidotes and mana potions, maybe 2A or 5A.

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