V19 and Raids (Android) - Arived Feb8th

As mentioned on News and Updates:

V19 is “update now”
But when we look in Google play store

There is still no update on time zone +2 GMT cairo time.

That said I wonder how did that dude

Raided me, cause If (as said 1 day ago) he had update his game to v19 I should be on another version and he shouldn’t be able to do unless its a bug or a glitch!
When I tried to revenge I got this

Which means he is nit on 18.1.0 any more so whats going on.
Any clues?
@Kerridoc @Sara

He used all his raid flags then promptly updated his version.

Just a theory, but that’s probably what happened.

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If so then he had update before every one eles on my list as I revenged already same time every one else !
But not him so why/how should he has the update and others not and why I don’t see the update yet.
Is it the same issue as we had on V18 with Class Emblems? Loop issue!

There’s ways to update your version without doing it through google play store on Android…


Then its illeagle ways and I think SGG should ban!

@Jedon this happens every time there’s a major update. An awkward fact. See e.g.

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Nice … I just searched for V19 as key search word … I should search for revenge and raids too … Thanks @Kerridoc I will read em all.

There’s really not much to read.

Q. Why can’t I raid someone on a different version?
A. Because
Q. That’s not fair
A. But that’s the way it is.
Q. When can I exact my revenge?
A. When you’re both on the same version.


That is exactly what I just read hahahaha…
I am not compelaning or even posting as if bug or glitch here … Just trying to let Devs notice it … to avoide same problem of V18 dear Kerridoc
So I think SGG should close the update till it there for every one else.
As you know I am a cup droper and I don’t mind being attacked … I just like to be able to revenge :smiley:

Need this in a sticky lol


How about on ios? Asking for a friend.


The difference is Apple only allows Enterprise apps to load from a private server. My work has a few.

This is why Niantic uses TestFlight to Beta test ( Ingress, Pokemon GO, Ingress Prime ). TestFlight is basically an Enterprise app and the beta apps are payloads.

Android will allow unverified code, think .exe files in windows ( use these at your own risk ), so several APK mirror sites exist. As soon as a version of the app is available to 5% of all Android users, someone uploads it to an APK mirror site. Downloading from an APK mirror site is basically half way between Beta and live server. If there is a bug, it will actually effect your live server account and you will have to wait for Devs to fix it. Everyone else on the old version is unaffected.




If you look carefully in game in setting and Announcement there’s no word about V19 so they don’t push for update yet that’s why we don’t have it. I’m still on 18.1

I sat on the play store page for about 5 minutes and it changed from ‘Open’ to ‘Update’. Eastern time zone, US. This was at 10 am this morning.

Really … then what do you call this?

I have just going to Google play just now and there’s on update actually 53MB

Finally after 2 days of being there for some lucky ones :smiley:

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