V18 update: special upgrade bonus: is it working?

Since the update I have been trying to get my 7/8 Prisca to 8/8. I have put in 6 or more 2* and ~12 1* heroes trying for from 10% to %50. With no luck.

Is it just me or might there be a problem?

My two 3* heroes which had been stuck at 7/8 upgraded to 8/8 with no problem. 10 1* or 5 2* of the appropriate color should give a 100% chance of upgrade when fed all at once. That takes the random chance element out of the process.


I had a few 3* that needed to be finished. I am thankful they finally made it worth while. I didn’t take any chances though. I maxed out at 100% with same color 1* and 2* feeders.

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Thanks for responding.
My misery desired company . . .
I wanted it to be a bug. . . .
But no, it looks like it may just be me getting the short end of the stick.

You’re welcome. Sorry I didn’t have better (or should that be worse?) news.

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Thanks for the reply.

I’m going to have to find the patience to not try before I get the right combination of 1* 2*s for 100%.

I really have no room for hoarding feeder heroes, nor patience to not try to beat the odds, but a few more tries like I’ve been doing and I could have made it the old way so . , .
Hoarding and patience it is.

No Problem for me. Only took me, I think, 3 or 4 2* purple to lift Tyrum on last skill level by having 100% chance.

Once you do get them maxed out. Watch for when the Heroes special ability doesn’t work after mana-ing up.

@0:10s Isarnia’s special is set off but no -44% defence blue shield icon is showing on the titan

It did work the second time @0:44s

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