V18 - CLASSES ARE DISABLED till roll out is complete

@Rook @Kerridoc Maybe it’s time to go beyond pinning and do the site-wide announcement thing like for the 2019 preview post where it shows at the top of every page until each person dismisses it.

Like literally half of new comments right now seem to be people asking about why the classes aren’t in the update, or people responding pointing to this post, even when literally the previous two comments were the same thing.

Although I guess that would also presume anyone reads anything, which the repeated questions/answers right in a row make doubtful. :thinking:


Nobody reads anything.

If they did, we would never again see another “I didn’t get the value for my money” post.

And, to the original topic, SG even said that it was not going to be active until the rollout was complete so… shrug


Yeah, I figured maybe that was too buried at this point, especially since that post has updates above that now.

But I think you’re right, it’s just that most people don’t read things, or think to search (or even scroll up literally 1 post) before asking again.

Faith in humanity diminishing… :confounded:


You had faith in humanity? Ouch. Yep. Banish the thought. This way, you’re always nicely surprised when one does something useful.


All that said. I am looking forward to the classes. Just have a feeling Magni is going to get a nice little present.


Chat just crashed as well on android device

Is there any info when the roll out will be complete? An estimate would be fine. Like will we have access to the classes in a few hours or do we have to wait till next week?

SG is aware and working on it:


From their initial comments, I would assume they want to:

  1. make sure everyone has the rollout
  2. deal with any bugs


  1. turn on the new features :slight_smile:

20. Char…

You missed a step…

  1. deal with bugs that they didn’t find 'till they turned on the new features.

From the updated release notes:

Friday, 11 Jan: We are now rolled out the update for both Android and iOS. Please note that Hero Classes will be enabled once we have disabled support for the previous versions (ETA: Monday, 14 Jan)!


После обновления не работает чат. что делать?

It’s already a known issue

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Any news about when AW will be back?

Petri confirmed in another thread that wars will be back on Wednesday as usual.


There is an ingame message telling the same.

Hey I read stuff LOL hope things are well with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:slight_smile: You are one of the blessed, literate minority.

To those out there who are aliterate, I weep for my ebbing sanity. (Those who CAN read, but choose not to)

Things are improving. Thank you!


@Kerridoc I am on iOS platform and as of about an hour ago chat is restored and working properly :grinning: I am guessing you already know this but if not you do now

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