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I appreciate all the info here, and agree with what was said by the other comments here. To put this into perspective on the odds of getting a single 4* ascension item with a 5% chance, costing 150 gems and 7 days of time. (150 gems x20= 3,000 gems) (7 days x20= 140 days). (Not including items and food.)
Those seem completely unreasonable for any player that actually does the math on those odds.
The shards are a nice addition, but will take months and likely thousands of gems prior to every getting the shard necessary for a single reward.

Beta Update

A new, revised version of Alchemy Lab has entered Beta.

You can read about that in extensive detail here:

=> 🧪 Early Information on IMPROVED Alchemy Lab [Part of The Beta Beat v30]


I just seen this topic cause my husband was wanting to know if there is anything for Recipes in making a certain crafting material. Like I would know what to use to make Midnight Roots, Meter Fragments or even the Orichalcum Nugget. I know there is an Auto Fill button. But with the auto fill button you dont really know what you are getting when you do that. I would like to know how much to use of a certain thing to get the materials that I need.

You can farm Season 1 missions for Midnight Roots, Meteor Frags, and Nugget. I typically get several of each of these materials each day just from farming Season 1 missions.

Why am I paying 250 gems for an Epic-to-epic ascension item exchange when there is just a 1-in-8 chance of getting the item I want?
This seems exorbitant.

1 in 7, as you can’t get back what you used.

And you might want to go read the beta beat thread for the AL changes.

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1 in 6, since there are only 7 different 4* mats (5 color-specific, plus Damascus Blades and Tomes of Tactics).

I don’t see how making it even more difficult to get Epic items helps the game. Frankly, the game is getting far too exploitative for my taste. I’ve also noticed that since I started using AL levels 9 and 10 my Epic ascension materials has dropped to almost zero in the last few months.
It’s very worrying that I go through the rigours of levelling up AL, playing constantly, spending money, and achieving great results only to get fewer rewards because you want to pressure people into spending money, despite the increased revenue you already enjoy due to the reduced social activity worldwide.

Very shameful.


Cold equations

This is technically true.

However, since you cannot pick an item, and you can receive the original item back after any second transmutation using the original item, the odds actually approach 1 in 7 everytime you fail to get the desired item.

Example trying to get a Tome
Blade -> Ring -> Blade -> Scope -> Blade -> repeat

Merciless RNG is an gorram frakking unforgiving diety to worship.

Reducing result pool

It would be great if you could reduce the results pool:


I had 14,000 alkashards before the update and rolled in - got Tome of Tactics, Damascus Blade and 120 emblems.

Can’t wait to keep using the new Lab going forward. Kinda excited about it.


Does anybody know, when the Lab is in use again?

yours truly gamelover

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Probably on Monday :arrow_down:


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Will a new topic be started from Lab 2.0? Or should I continue posting to this topic?

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I’m planning to make a new thread some time before Monday.


As promised, a new thread for Version 2:

=> 🎲 [v2] Alchemy Lab FAQ & Discussion


My Alchemy Lab was reset to level 1 after this upgrade :frowning:

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