V.i.p pass

Hello everybody, I’d like to suggest this about VIP pass.
it would be interesting to have those passes :

  1. one month pass (with it’s features)
  2. two or three months (a little reduced with it’s features)
  3. six months (a little reduced with it’s features)
  4. one year (a little reduced with it’s features)

Bring back your ideas or if that topic has been created, good then !

There already is a month and year option, so essentially you’re just asking for 3 and 6 month options with smaller discounts. I don’t feel strongly about this one way or the other, but find it unnecessary. Sure they could add more options, or you could just renew it month to month.


3 or 6 month options would make more sense than the year option honestly. The year option is baaically a rip off until more buildings are added. I have almost a maxed base in 6 month period and most of that was done with 1 builder. If i would have had 2 it would have been even faster. I think SG should consider this or peeps should be wise and think ahead before getting the yearly pass. I think yearly is just a way to suck money out of new players that don’t know any better

I view the year pass as basically half-off on gems. (I’d be interested to know if something might be added it later to replace the second builder for those who’ve used him up.)


I got the yearly pass for this reason. It’s over 10,000 gems for $50, and I know I’ll keep playing this game for a while. The double builder and extra daily summons are also a nice bonus to max out your base faster and get a few more feeders. I see your point that new players may buy this and then stop playing before they get a return on their investment, but they know exactly what they’re buying, so I don’t see how they could not “know any better.”


Meant new players don’t realize it doesn’t take a year to max a base even with 1 builder

Ah, ok. Still I don’t think the builder is the main reason to buy the pass.

But on another note i think(keyword THINK) season 2 might(another keyword) come with more buildings or higher building levels so that could be why the vip pass was thought of after season 2 was announced

But it does take over a year if you don’t accelerate builds to max all the buildings.

At least it will for me.

If you have $50, this is a no brainer: half off the best price on gems, and the second builder.

No matter where you are in building, resources pile up while you slog through the building process. So the builder is necessary.

How long…for the longest period…period.

Trying to cheap out and blame the devs for over charging by forcing players to get the year long pass is just cheap.