V 32 compatibility raid problem and war

Trying to revenge a raid, i get this advice (i get It in italian, I’ll try to translate attack best) :

Can’t attack cause your and your enemy’s game versions don’t match each other

Now… Tomorrow will be war day… What If even in war someone is still with the old version of the game?

I get the same message when trying to do some of my revenge raids.

The update was forced today, so until those playeres update the app they won’t be able to enter the game nor us do the revenges.
As soon as they update the game we’ll be able to do the revenges.

Yes, this certainly will happen. But some of them maybe tomorrow won’t log in… And of they are in an alliance war… Will they be un-killable?

Wars have a diffrent sistem … you will be able to attack them.

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