V.22 = Final nail in the Mercs' coffins

Why? Why? Why SG? Why?

Why do you hate Mercs so much? I understand reasonable limits on keeping Mercs from having an unfair advantage in advancing quicker in loot development than full time alliance members. However, the latest update in V.22 to decrease loot for anyone joining after the titan appears is a royal middle finger in the face of all merc accounts.

Personally, I’ve been playing this game over a year and still spend a few bucks a month on it. When I started, I really loved it so much that I created two alt accounts. Once they were up to TC20 though, I decided to back off on them. I still play them nearly everyday though.

I play my main account several times per day and am an alliance leader in that persona. It’s too much commitment for me though to also be a part of a good alliance with my other two personas and be able to hit titans consistently with them. I do enjoy playing them, and I think many others are in the same boat.

I enjoy bouncing around and helping other alliances. I understand and agree that my altruism should not be unfairly rewarded with good loot. On the other hand, neither should it be unfairly punished. Reducing the loot on rare titans a few upgrades ago was tough enough on Mercs. This latest adjustment should be rolled back. @Petri

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