Usual heated soup

I have read some fantastic news that will reserve us 2019! Who knows how excited they will be and will be ready to empty the wallet to feed the licks salmon … the truth is that you can make all the changes you want, hide your greed in all ways, but people have broken the balls of fake raid, piloted results and unobtainable 5-star heroes! Raise the percentages and show us the clashes of wars and raids lost, let us exchange materials between alliances, and let us play without breaking the balls with fake news to pay!


Throw in vending machines in the cafeterias with pizza on Fridays, and you’ve got my vote.


Definitely better to spend for pizza (Italian) than to buy gems

Whay dont you just stop paying and enjoy the new free content in 2019 ?

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I stopped spending, in fact, I only asked the greedy eats seals to be more generous, because people play more if they have something in return, while they do not care and tell only bullshit

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Licks salmon?


What you just said in no way resembles a coherent thought. Try again.


Just quoting this part to preserve the masterpiece in case it later gets edited out. I don’t even want to know what this means, it’s beautiful.


Don’t forget the title of the thread! It caught my attention and I just had to see. It’s preserved here for all eternity.

I think Google Translate strikes again :rofl:


Hey whinstone, are you the one playing for “Ordine dell’alba dorata”?
I’m asking because:

  1. you raided me today

  2. You used google translate to express some of my country’s way of saying with hilarious effect :smile:

I think its very clear. And I agree, don’t feed the licks salmon! Anti feed the licks salmoner Unite!


I think it is pure genius. Who wouldn’t click a thread with that title.

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What a unique way of slandering Finns. Do the Finns in fact eat seals? I thought that was more of an Inuit thing.

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I too would like to play without the breaking of the balls!

Not even sure what he means, but by gosh is it fun to type! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Si. Sono membro. Ho vinto o perso contro di te?

What’s the over/under on the next insult being “gnaw whales?”

First lost and won the second. Pleased to meet you.

My pleasure!
I hope I have not lost too many trophies

The next offense there will be because I am a gentleman and their far. Know already like I think, in fact I have stuck in support

Questo non ha molto senso in inglese.
(This doesn’t really make any sense in English.)

Potrebbe essere più facile capire se stai anche dando l’italiano originale insieme alle frasi inglesi.
(It might be easier to understand if you post the original Italian alongside the English.)

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