USMC Support Specialists

Brand new Alliance: USMC Support Specialists is like everyone else… looking for active members.

My Hubby is a Disabled Combat Marine Veteran & I started this USA based Alliance, because I’m hoping to meet up with other players who love their Military spouses, friends, and family. Come join me & help the alliance head to the top.

Not gonna lie, I still have things to learn & I’m excited about it. I’m hoping for a healthy mix of new players who want to learn & seasoned players who want to help the newer players. For now the Alliance is open and the required trophy count is low, but I’ll change the requirements as we grow. :us:

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Starting an alliance from 1* titans, and the reason you’re starting this alliance, I applaud you👏.

There are also Line and Discord recruiting groups you could join too. Tag Rook, if you’re interested in joining - she knows people :wink:.

Good luck :grin:


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