Using Xnolphod in tower is illegal?

Hi everyone,

My teammates claim that if you use Xnolphod in tower, and clear the floors with only clicking the heroes one by one is a reason of banning. Is there something that I don’t know? Why using a hero set should be a reason to ban? It is not an exploit or cheating anyway. Would someone clarify that it is not true :slight_smile:

Can confirm; this is false.

You will get a ■■■■ score tho if you don’t move any tiles tho… Just due to how the scoring is calculated.


Since I’ve been using Xnol from the start I can confirm that is a load of rubbish :joy:

You have to make 10 moves to max out your stack though if you are playing it item-lite like I am.

But yeah, Xnol is just a legit very good Tower hero. They won’t ban you for using him…if anything they want you to hear me saying how awesome he is so anyone who doesn’t have him tries to get him.

Which as I just said on another thread - DON’T FALL DOWN THAT RABBIT HOLE :laughing:


What are you guys talking about???

A configuration where Xnol can have his special triggering other’s heros specials in a infinite loop, and even with auto play, there’s no need to worry about. In this case, the enemies don’t move, and board either.

You can’t do that with just 1 Xnol though. You need 2 for that.

What 1 Xnol does is makes it very lite on items. I’ve completed Impossible using around 4-5 mini-mana a level and nothing more which is very cheap in comparison to how it usually is.

You can do it with one xenophod if you have another mana gen hero, like odin, ariel, mica, DeAndre etc. If you do not have any, than you need 2 xenophod.

I do. I think you need lvl 23+ across the board as well which I don’t but I needed a mini-mana to get the rotation going again after it’s 2nd pass. It was always close but just short for me. Maybe even a lvl 17 on the front would have done it but for my 3 on colour it was 23/11/11 and that was breaking the loop.

I did it with X-Guy, Sif, Isarnia, Brynhild and Franz. It really wasn’t good for my placement though, just 2500th.
But the fights went rather smooth and fast.

Can someone explain or post a vid of this? X gives 20% Mana only – how do you trigger an infinite loop?

10 Mana per activated special + 20 from x-Guy equals 70. With 20% more Mana gain from the blessings and 23% from other sources you would have 100% generated per 5 specials including X-Guy.

I am sry, it’s German. Hope my explanation is sufficient.

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I am one of top 10 players in the last NT. What you are saying is an absolute jealousy hidden as “I want to help to the game”. I am spending my money in this game and I decide if i will play tower or events. Furthemore, i decide if i will push it for ranking or not. I invested a lot of time and dedication to learn to play it on a high level, and if you are not capable to do the same just do 6 war hits twice per week with you teams and be happy. If i spend my money i will not use my heroes only for a purposes of war like most of players in your alliance. What is next? Khagan too? I can easily be top 10 without Xnol and will do it next time just to prove you how pathetic this post is and how subjective it is too.


Did you guys understand that?

You can’t nerf xnol. It’s insane to nerf anything!

There is a "Trend"
This is no longer a debate…

The trend has an outcome. You can see where portals are headed by examining the past and present. The future is… nerfing your latest taunter to be comparable to the first. Or maintain your trend…?

SG needs to make money in the next portal.
In which case, they should not be nerfing things that many spent a fortune on. The days of OP Hotm are long gone. Event heroes are raking it in now too. Good for you SG.

The last portal was epic.
The next one needs to be legendary!
And on and on and on

In trade for a 5* treevil. It would probably help balance threads for the big spenders to dial down the skill rhetoric. And be a little more honest about the new game direction.


make impossible something with a kick. Instead a long mind numbing grind. Let there be kill shots the higher you climb where these big spenders can get narrowed down to the glory they have paid for. There’s nothing impossible about it, they are all
veggie-burger levels…

And for pity’s sake…
add a tier past diamond.
The Bling Tier… whatever

The 5* that your trying to fidget with are 6’s now. So just stop… leave the 5’s alone and give these big spenders something very rare for them to spend over $10k in a portal. Give them 6* heroes. And make them cost even further to ascend. Then they can show off their amazing skill in their bling club.

To be honest… the game is already this way!
But there is no separation so that middle class get treated like F2P everytime they log on.
Stuck in the saturated bling swamp with lesser rosters.
Tired and bailing.

Stop letting the paywall trash it’s way into the lower ranks and move the wall up!!!

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I smell Xno going to nerf

Not to dig up an old thread… but… I was thinking of using costume yunan for his 33% mana bump with xnolphod in the ninja towers… and I’m curious… with 15% mana from troops and either 4/2/0% mana from emblems… what is the earliest level I can start just using specials? Anyone care to divulge the secret?

As soon as you get the +10% per special cast you can start to build an auto team. Essentially you need a mana buffer (say D’Andre) and a Xnol with the +10% mana per cast and at least a +20% mana boost from the normal mana buff you get + troops.

But from impossible 30 onwards it’s not a thing anymore. The last 20 levels you have to play now irrespective of who you have out.

Thanks. I was using odin, but by the time ninja comes back costume yunan and his 33% mana buff should be ready… So I’m curious if 15+33+(0/2/4 emblem buff) would start my run when i get to 5% per special.

I also have neith and her 4% elemental. Which would stack…

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