Using these heroes, what’s your best defense setup?

You can try

Boldtusk - Little John - Li Xiu - proteus - Triton
Center 3 are all mana hate

You Adan also swap BT and LJ position

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I love mana hate, it’s my favorite. Comes from my background of magic the gathering. I was always a control player, since day one. Counter spells, resource denial, remove things from my play. My FAVOURITE

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Hahaha that’s awesome.

I almost edited it to delete my thought processing part of the text (I type it out while I’m thinking it, and go back and forth in my head while typing it out at the same time, but eventually delete it) but I’m glad I kept it in there just so I could know I’m not alone in that lol :grin:

I’m super indecisive, and never 100% positive about most thing. Especially in a game like this, where it’s all fairly subjective, it’s too difficult to know what’s truly best other than the obvious. & Even though I’m fairly confident in my strategies, I have to consider all of the options- and if it isn’t a no-brainer, I just go back and forth with the pros and cons, usually with a slight lean one way.

Next time, I’ll leave the thought process part out, so I’ll seem super confident about my answer😎

Oh, and you’re welcome for the headache :wink:


Team order:

  • Kashhrek: Tank
    • great heal and a elemental defense buff to himself and nearby heroes
  • Triton: Left Flank
    • Increased resistance against fire tiles due to his element, this position will help him to fire his special and increase your tank’s heals
  • Scarlett: Left Corner
    • A fast hero who decrease ATK of 3 target, good against stacked attack strateies
  • Li Xiu: Right Flank
    • Sturdy heroine who will prevent your opponents to reach easily 100% mana
  • Protues: Right Corner
    • He will prevent up to 3 heroes to charge their mana, great synergy with Li Xiu


I just wonder, you put 2 mana affecting heroes on one side. If I was an attacker and wanted to avoid them (and I do), I’d aim all my traffic to the other side. Firstly to charge some of my snipers to kill Kashrek and then MAH and then the rest. Just a thought: Wouldn’t it be a bit better to put one of them onto the other side? (doesn’t matter whether on flank or wing, it’s just to cover a diversion).

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In my opinion this lineup would ensure better results.

Above lineup minimizes color advantage of attack but I like to split similar skills, so I split healers, probably would consider the mana control too.

For me, I like the average mana in the flanks with the fast attack mana on the wings so:

scarlett, proteus, kashrek, lixiu, triton
Triton, proteus, kashrek, lixiu, scarlett

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I’m not sure about using a green tank with yellow and purple flanks. If people attack with mono red they can chew through the middle so fast because red is neutral against yellow and purple. Should probably have a blue flank and possibly red as well.

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@SWEG, so on defense the order of preference would be :slight_smile:
1 color advantage / disadvantage
2 mana speed
3 defense stats (higher defense heroes more in center and flank)
4 split similar skills (ie healers)

I’m still new and trying to get a better understanding to help me in the game, thanks.

Those setups you suggested look good, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do once kashrek is maxed. I know he’s gonna be my new tank when he’s leveled but I haven’t figured the rest out yet lol

If you wanted to go in a different direction, one superb defensive hero I didn’t see mentioned is Boril. He has a defense rating higher than many 5*s and could be swapped straight across with Triton to maintain color balance. My 2 cents.

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I killed a level 70 kashhrek! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thread is from before 1 month auto-lock