Using these heroes, what’s your best defense setup?

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Lots of different combinations

I’d try

Tibs - triton - bt - rigard - grimm

Would be an interesting setup

Not sure about a 3 color defense lol
I’m currently using Caedmon, Triton, Boldtusk, Proteus, Li Xiu. It wins maybe 30%. I want to switch it up though.

Sabina-Triton-Kash(first max him)-Sonia-Scarlett
For now you can try
Or if you want more healers:


Once Kash is maxed, he’d make the best tank.




BT and Proteus are too good not to be in there. Grimm would be nice, but has low defense- so Triton if not (and if there’s already a few healers to amplify). Kashhrek- for the best tank (if he gets to 70) or Caedmon for the dispel. & Chao because, well he’s fast lol and you know how much I like my rainbow teams!


Do you like chao on defense better than li xiu? It’s something I’ve been going back and forth on. Fast mana sniper is good but I like the AOE mana cut a lot too. I keep switching them lol

Li Xiu is great for defense but she’d have to flank (with average mana), and that would mean putting Grimm or Proteus in the wings and that just won’t do lol. So since Chao is fast, he works better since he’ll manage in the wings and at least cut one person’s mana.


Proteus definitely can’t be in the wings especially because he doesn’t even hit its DOT. He needs to go off as early as possible to be much help. I like triton and proteus on the same team because of the family defense bonus too, I don’t think I’d switch triton for Grimm. Plus he helps boldtusk a heal. But I’ve been using my current defense for awhile and definitely looking to try new ideas. I just maxed Rigard today and I wanna use him so bad because he’s the most stubborn 4* to kill… but PROTEUS…

Agreed, Proteus has to flank. & Totally spaced the family link, so yeah I’d do Triton over Grimm then.

Proteus. Proteus will always win because he’s a mini hel, and that mana stop is crucial. Rigard is awesome, but Proteus is the better option, especially for defense. The mana stop could slow someone down to the point of losing a raid they might have won. Rigard’s heal and cleanse will just make the raid go on a little longer, and possibly hault the opponents’ plans with status effects- but people usually know to time that stuff correctly, so it doesn’t mess everything up.

Okay, so with Li Xiu I would do:

Triton-Proteus-BT-Li Xiu-Caedmon (though, I don’t like the dispel being on the right side, but it’s either that or miss out on Triton’s healing buff and I don’t like that either)

Can’t make it work with Kash tank though; it would mean BT or Li would be in the wings and I don’t like that at all.


Yeah it’s tricky xD I’d much prefer Li Xiu as a flank rather than the wings, but you mentioned the problem. That means it’s awkward between triton and Caedmon. And I don’t even really like triton as a flank either because his defense stats are a bit low. He really relies on healing to live long so close to middle. I’m considering changing the whole strategy altogether, that’s why I posted this; for ideas. What do you think of Li Xiu as tank maybe? What would you do with the rest of the team with that?


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Li tank is definitely a good tank. I’d put her on par with BT in difficulty and awesomeness. (Kash is #1 in my book though)

Hmm, so Li Xiu tank, BT and Proteus need to be there, so they’ll be flanks. & Since wings need to be fast to be the most effective- back to the Triton and Caedmon dilemma lol

Triton-BT-Li Xiu-Proteus-Caedmon

Ugh, that Caed thing still bugs me- but it’s probably better that way. Buffs are unknown, but the healing bonus from Triton is guaranteed to help.

& Thank you for telling me, I feel so official now :grin:


How do you feel about kiril instead of triton or boldtusk? Kiril and Scarlett instead of triton and boldtusk. Removes the Caedmon on the right dilemma.

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Like this maybe? Idk.


Yes! That’s exactly how I would do it.

This team would work better, than the former ones, to counter people running riposte or any other nasty buffs.

Only thing that sucks is you’re missing out on that family link and Triton’s amplifier.

Ugh, I guess that’s as good as it can get though. There’s just no feesable way [that I can see] to get it all (family buff, healing, attack buff, dispel, awesome tank + Proteus). I really want them all to work well together :sweat_smile:


Do you think that looks better than this?

This team has a higher score but the more I think about it the more I wanna use Li Xiu as tank lol

Oops I forgot to answer your questions.

I love Kiril, I just have an insane amount of love for BT so I favor him more. Plus, that attack buff is awesome- but Kiril’s defense buff might end up being more useful on defense. Though, BT is tougher to take down than Kiril, so that could be a problem; so I still favor BT over Kiril.

Now Kiril and Triton, they’re too different to really say. Depending on how much that family link matters, and how good that healing buff really is on defense, idk. But since I like BT a little more than Kiril, and Triton amplifies BT- I think I like that pairing a little more

Though, if you replace BT, Scarlett is definitely the best option for that, she hits fast and hard. And with that set up, Caed can dispel right away.

Personally, if you wanna make Li your tank, I like the Triton-BT-Li-Proteus-Caed option the best. It sucks having Caed on the right, but it’s the best compromise [I think].

I don’t trust Triton as a flank, and Li in the wings makes me sad. Though, BT makes an excellent tank if you don’t do Li. And in that setup, at least Caed is first, then Triton, then BT. But idk it doesn’t feel as right, but it’s probably better than the first. I like BT over Kiril and Triton over Scarlett.


This is really impressive collection of 4* heroes. It is a bit strange that you didn’t get much 5s. For example you now have more types of 4s than I have ever had, but I have 14 5*s. Maybe later it will come :slight_smile:

As per team. For now:


Caedmon-Marjana-Rigard (or Boldtusk or Kiril)-Proteus-Chao (or Falcon) * it all depends on defenders

For future when Marjana is better you may benefit from:


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I have lots of 5* heroes they just aren’t leveled yet lol. That defense setup looks good, I never even thougt about sonya on defense xD but Marjana won’t be leveled for a while. Right now she gets some food when I have lots to spare, my 5th red is gormek. For attack team, it just depends on the defending team. I like to at least use 3-2 but sometimes 4-1. Lately I’ve been lazy to change my teams around to attack different teams, I mostly just look for a green tank and use mono red.

I get a headache over this stuff lmao. Your comment is exactly how my brain works, back and forth. Contradict myself, I get confused. Like I want THIS but THIS might be better, but what if I do THIS then maybe THAT is better.