Using the team we have on Wars

Why can’t we use the same teams we usually have on our Hero list to fight the wars?
I’m making teams of heroes grouping then by element and power but when i go to war i have to make the same team all over again, or when I’m on a hurry click the auto fill (i don’t now how it says in English).
What’s the point of “buying” slots of teams if they only see the day of light attacking other players, and we only use our strongest team?

Hi Dimeko. On alliance wars- you get 6 flags and one team per flag. Once you use your team up …you go to your next one. So best to build 6 teams for alliance wars. I’ve been playing for 6 months and i have teams but it takes a while to huild them. Just remember 1 flag used= 1 team used. You can set up your defense before war - do it at the time it says prepare defense. You can also go into heroes and select edit…add teams that way. You may need to go into the shop , select resources and add extra teams. I hope this helps you . Have a wonderful day

I understand @DiMeko’s point – our Challenge Event teams are “sticky” from one event to the next, even though they are not one of our “team” slots.

The trouble, I suspect, is that it would remember the final team you used in the previous war, which is probably not the team you want to lead with in the current war.

I think many people would find it handy if there was a better linkage between the team slots and war teams.

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I have 8 teams.
The Principal (Strongest in offensive)
The Defensive
And 6 other teams.

The problem is that i only can select them when i attack other players or when I’m playing the game it self.
But there is NO real reason to use other than our strongest team.

Well, maybe. If you have exactly 30 war-ready heroes, then there probably is a single “best six” teams, when you consider team synergies, etc. I’ve got a lot more than 30 war-ready heroes, though, and so I typically construct teams on the fly based on what I’m facing.

But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an easy way to dial-in preset teams into war.

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