Using screen real estate better

My “big present’ this Christmas was an iPad Pro (mostly for music performance; holding paper scores is so 20th century). With its big screen, the game looks, well, silly. As device screens get bigger, it would be great if the density of information increased. Particularly on

  1. Base screen, showing a larger % of the base
  2. Hero roster, showing more columns and rows.

Can you share a screenshot @Kerridoc?

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This is the same real estate I see on a smaller iPad, but on a 12.9” diagonal, it’s very spread out.

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I have an air 2. I agree with having the base zoomed out rather than zoomed in, I disagree with the roster page having more columns. At 6 across its driving me nuts as teams are based on 5.

Switching between having 5 across on my phone and 6 on my iPad actually makes me angry as I’m a programmer by trade.

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