Using "mercenaries" in alliance war

So, today was very exciting. We have our first war, and as such we scouted our enemy team and found out we were pretty evenly matched although they only had 23 members. When I last checked tonight they’ve taken up mercenaries to add more attackers and defenders, which is cool since everything is fair in love and war. The one thing though, is that by doing that their alliance rating has gone waaaay up, 7,000+ points higher than ours. Just wondering what you guys though about it. Good luck out there!

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If the war already started they shouldn’t be allowed to attack because they didn’t assign a defense team before the war.

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We’re still at the defense building, so it’s legal. Just something SG might want to think about.

I think it would only make sense after the alliance has been paired with someone, anyone who enters afterwards should be automatically in spectator mode and not be able to compete.


Agree with @Banutu on this. It invalidates the match-making if there is a significant change in alliance power after being matched, and very much open to abuse. (e.g. Keep alt in alliance, then swap out for more powerful main after matched).

If someone leaves after matching, tough. If people join after matching I feel they should be spectator for that war.

@Dante2377, @Revelate Was this encountered or mentioned in Beta?


We didn’t see anything about matchmaking in beta, so this is all new terrain.

I definitely see potential for abuse here. It underscores how poor a metric the team score is for these purposes. They really need to develop an Elo scoring for the wars so that this kind of issue sorts itself.


Maybe something as simple as any member added after a war has been declared, will not be allowed to compete. I am sure adjustments will be made as they fine tune the event.

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I think that 24 hours before the war starts you cannot add any member to the war… That seems fair to me and makes people not jumping from alliance to alliance to play alliance wars!!!

Isn’t 24 hours before the war when alliances are first given notice that there will be a war and to put in their defensive teams?

Are you saying, the moment allisnces are told there is a war, they can’t add anyone?

Yes Rook, I like that option… After the notice appears no one can be add to the war!!! Seems fair to me…

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@Rook, it’s something that can really unbalance a balanced match. For example our stronger player rating is 3800 then the rest of us are 3400 or less. When the war was declared they had 3 very strong players at 3700+. Since then they’ve added 4 more 3700+ . Their rating went from 97000 to 10600.

If they prevent to join a war even people who come in the preparation time, then i just keep on mercing and never do a war, lol.

Matchmaking should be at the end of preparation time, easy.


That’s a good point, @elpis. There’s nothing we can do in our prep based on the opposing team.

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@Elpis, that’s another good solution. Something like you have x amount of time to gather friends and allies to your side. Afterwards, doors will close and pairing will occur.


I hope this post doesn’t come across as a complain, it’s mainly done to illustrate a situation that SG might not have contemplated.

Mercenaries are an important part of the “war” system and add interesting factors. I agree to the later matchmaking vs. Restrictions on new comers because mercs after the fact couldn’t add defense. (Now if we could find a way to pay mercs we could always open the option for double cross maybe get alliances to think twice!) They could always make" after the fact" members fight with a hero handicap.

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I’d like to see x amount of time to set defenses (21? 24 hours), then matches made AFTER that time, and any new players relegated to the sidelines only. That way, alliances have time to add mercs to their ranks AND alliances are still matched properly to other alliances of equal strength, and no latecomer unbalances the match. My 2 cents.


I play with an open alliance, we remove people who stop participating but I don’t want to close ranks as we love watching new comers grow. I appreciate all my teammates and some have suggested invite only…maybe we’re not Dragon slayers. We are going to be far from top contenders but I kinda like where we’re at as far as mini mentors. There are better players out there but if they wanted to play with us, wouldn’t they already be on our team? While I agree mercs need to be preserved, I could care less if I save a place for them.

Rook, I think this is exactly the right approach. The devs will have to tell us how long they need to run the matching. Maybe close the door to new allies an hour before the battle phase, maybe two?

Since all wars are concurrent, there’s no risk of players doin more than two wars/week.

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Yup, agree that this appears to be a solution that works… credit to @Elpis for the idea.

Good to get thoughts from the Devs as to the time needed to match make and/or practicality to implement. (@Petri?)

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