Using loot tickets in Events

I wish SG would allow the usage of loot tickets on events.

You’d use a loot ticket if you completed the level in question on that difficulty in the same event before and would just get the loot and a “non-score”. I want the completion rewards, I just find actually playing through the levels tremendously boring and I don’t care about the scores, since I’m not playing for the leaderboards.

I agree with this. I feel like it would be amazing for those of us not going for the coveted #1 spot every tournament.

Challenge events aren’t farming.

Gotta put in the effort to beat each tier.


Sorta defeats the purpose of it being an challenge event don’t you think.


I concur with @Ozy1 's assessment of the situation.

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I understand where you’re both coming from. But it’s not a challenge for me anymore. I can definitely beat them. And doing it over and over again… I fail to see where it’s not just like farming.

The idea of redoing events is to better your previous score. If your using loot tickets to speed up playing then who’s to say that game won’t favour the opponents thus defeating the purposes of redoing that event level.

An even is a challenge as such should fought not a farming source to be sped up.

The part where I mentioned getting a “non-score” by using a loot ticket, say a zero or something, would make it a non-compete. That wouldn’t favor anyone in terms of the event leaderboards.

I can easily complete any event level, it’s just the time it takes on some levels that makes it so unsatisfying for me. I do not want to fight for leaderboard loot, I just want the completed loot. So by being able to use loot tickets, you’d still get that completion rewards without having to trudge through with event levels.

You mean completion tier loot for completing the whole part of event (rare, epic, legendary), or just l
loot from one stage within particular rarity tier?

What do you mean?

I propose using loot tickets the same way as the world energy levels.

It doesn’t make any sense. The point of challenge events is to score points, the faster you beat level the more points you get. Can’t see any use for loot tickets there. You want to get the completion tier reward without actually beating all the stages? That’s nonsense.

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Whats the point of farming with loot tickets on events?
I cant really see anything positive in that…

You want to exchange 10 days worth of VIP loot tickets for 5x 3* unfarmable ascension items, 70 emblems, 3 world flasks, and 2 gold tokens? That is the completion loot.
Scoring doesn’t come into it, you’re really making a hell of a big ask for something you consider easy anyway, or just really over-valuing the worth of loot tickets. You can complete all 3 tiers in under an hour of play.

Nah, I don’t agree with this idea. I only do the events for the loot, and I don’t care about my ranking, but loot tickets are only for redoing events that you’ve already beaten. For challenge events, you have to put in the work.

And hey, if you already know you can beat them blindfolded, you can always put them on autoplay. The autoplay AI is ridiculously stupid, but you still might win if your team is good enough.

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