Using legendary heroes for training - not healable?

Hey there,

I just got a 2nd Vivica and wanted to use her for training. But I got a warning that I’m gonna use a legendary hero and this hero won’t be healable. What’s this about? Does ist mean that if I upgrade a hero with a legendary one the upgraded hero won’t be healable in future fights? Sounds pretty weird to me. But I hope there’s someone who can explain to me what this means and what’s really gonna happen when I use legendary heroes for training.

The Vivica you are sacrificing isn’t healable, meaning you won’t get her back, no matter what.

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Non requested advice: think more than twice before eating a 5*, even the worst one, in this game you never know when something can come in handy


When you’re selecting Heroes to be used during training, you’re basically sacrificing those Heroes so that the selected Hero increases in power. Heroes used this way cannot be recovered and are gone forever, so think twice before you decide to sacrifice a four or a five star to power up another Hero.

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In other words, what they are saying is DON’T DO IT!!!

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Doesn’t mention even remotely close to “healable” :slight_smile:

But, yeah, just don’t do it!!

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Haha, thanks guys :slight_smile:
I know that heroes that I use for training are gone, I was just wondering about that word “healable”.
Since I already have a leveled Vivica and don’t see the need of a 2nd one I just wanted to feed her to another yellow :smiley:

At least I know now that feeding a legy to another hero does not make him unhealable xD

Kelile is 4*.
The healable warning came with a 5*.

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… Oh and I just recognized that I could have changed the ingame language to English to check if it’s just a bad translation xD


I think that if you click yes there’s a further rant to ask if you really really want to eat it when it’s legendary

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I remember reading it in a release note

EDIT: found it, last note, even if it speaks of ascended legenedary actually:

Exactly it’s a 2nd warning after the first one. But it never appeared when I used a 4* so I guess it only does with 5*.

Yes, I guess that new (or drunk) players may do things they regret afterwards, and after receiving a fair amount of requests for getting lost heroes back the devs have introduced this further level of notification

cough Bane-eaters cough :wink:

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You don’t fight in wars?