🤺 Using Hero Academy as a Troop Training Camp

Possibly if you would have it @ player lvl20… :thinking:

Ummm, no, not even then. :rofl:


Yea not even then

Needing iron instead of food helps, but the durations of the trainings are just insane


You could max your troop 50% faster than solely relying on ETT and farming IF you continuously run 2 levels which train troops.

You get 5% chance to get old HotM/event heroes each week which can also be THOTH-AMUN.


Lol taking 10 years to reach a peak of growth in a video game is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and is beyond bad, and 5 years is just as bad since there will be hardly anyone playing the game that long as u can tell, it’s not that common to find people from 2017 already and players from that time are getting fewer and fewer

If i had to guess an average amount of time people play this game, it’s 1-2 years. Not 5-10(length of a prison sentence ffs…)

Didnt notice u get a chance at past hotm, that doesn’t benefit your troops though so not exactly an increase of how useful it is


Now that someone said f2P

F2p and troops are something that doesn’t match at all. Even using vip you’ll be stuck.

Troops are so f***ng rare and need thousand of copies to max out. Now imagine doing that with one free daily pull.


Freaking vampires. I can’t believe it. So glad I’m not spending for like 4 months


That’s the route it seems many forum members are goin(tho didnt see any durations mentioned, think some may be permanent)

How can Sg be so dumb? Unbelievable. Can’t believe they spent 2 years in that building.

My bets are they totally forgot about it and made it in 10 minutes. When they saw it suck they added event heroes to it and then stoped reading the forum.


Greed > player satisfaction

Game has never been about satisfying long term players

It’s always been about the quick buck

Hence how they didn’t have something setup for duplicates from the beginning, they didn’t expect players to play long enough for it to be an issue

They expect the game to live 5-7 years
But they never said they expected players to play that long

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Makes sense since they don’t give a single death to our comments. I think I was naive. I’m deleting the game and logging off here.

I always were a big month around here and now I feel like I was right, they’re just evil. So sad. I’m done. My account is lvl 60 and there’s nothing else to be done there, I was hoping for academy to make it interesting again but they left it pretty clear that’s not their plan.

What about war?..

I’ve opted out after bad chests one after another. After spending so many time and energy on wars and getting nothing back I’ve opted out. I know the boards are random but they also were constantly annoying. Fighting exact identical 30 FinleyGraveTellaJabber tanks teams is also… Meh. But that’s another story. Just wanted to say I’m not leaving my alliance like that.

Sadly the copies are doing everything sgg refused to ever do and maybe that’s why the game aged bad and the features got boring.


This is true

Other games already have uses for duplicates, loot items that speed up build times, ways to grind for specific heroes, “talents” directly implemented into hero cards and achievable by leveling the heroes higher and not through yet another massive bottleneck, troop implementations start out with ways to both train and summon troops, currency from loot is dropped in bigger increments while the costs of everything are in lower increments, uses for non wanted 3*, 4* 5* heroes through reset/retirment systems etc etc etc(oh and have noticed some have eliminated research times and have just stuck with strictly build times, once u build a building to x lvl, u dont have to dump more time into researching that level)

You’re right


You could max your troop 50% faster than solely relying on ETT and farming IF you continuously run 2 levels which train troops .

You get 5% chance to get old HotM/event heroes each week which can also be THOTH-AMUN .

Correct. From my understanding, that’s the real value.
But you have to choose between the 2 :slight_smile:

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Glad you guys are happy with it lol

I’m dumbfounded at how anyone could be happy about that but hey, SG found their target audience apparently


Reading this after being roasted in this forum for AGES after saying this exactly same words FEELS SO GOOD :joy::joy::joy::joy: making critiques about this game was almost forbidden here. Now I can roast it back and get support. Awesome.

I’m playing another match 3 game that has awesome and fair %, awesome game modes (a survival like tavern of legends but done right - you actually get rewards for completing) not mentioning better items with fair costs.

Imagine using huge Mana potions on every Titan and getting at least enough to build that items again after it dies? I feel the love there.

Healing empires would not be that hard, doesnt need any new building. Just make the rewards fair… The chests are useless. Add new events… Money will eventually come anyway.

But they want to do things like “they believe” then well rest in piece.


Nevermind, it was cleared up by couple others

Word is in, the building is great for a select few

Yeah. So sad. My time here has come.

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Don’t forget other tournament systems where all players are given x amount of random heroes with no emblems & troops involved and money or time spent is irrelevant as all are on equal playing field lol

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Well sucks to see ya go but i understand for sure

You’ll be missed around here(idk ya well enough to add more, but I’m sure others do)

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