🤺 Using Hero Academy as a Troop Training Camp

Yeah. So sad. My time here has come.

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Don’t forget other tournament systems where all players are given x amount of random heroes with no emblems & troops involved and money or time spent is irrelevant as all are on equal playing field lol

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Well sucks to see ya go but i understand for sure

You’ll be missed around here(idk ya well enough to add more, but I’m sure others do)

Thanks @zephyr1 , appreciating you sharing your analysis/recommendations, and helping us all try to make the most of a lackluster new feature.

I had to pause after reading the word YEARS.

okay, I think now I’m brave enough to continue…


Sorry to hear that, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts here. Wishing you all the best with your new game!

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@zephyr1 let me add something to the mix @_all feel free to share it

I’ll probably gonna go with:

  • lvl4 for 2* troops to push my last 2 troops to lvl23
    and others to lvl 5-7-11
  • lvl10 for old hotm chance or good tc20 heroes

keep up the good work!


Is this typo or _ is intentional?

intentional, all seems to be taken by a user

Oh ok I’m a little slow, thanks for the info

Yup, current version of HA is actually an insult. It took them more than 1.5 years just to repeat the AL-desaster. With a lot of luck and plenty of complaints we may see it getting fixed maybe in a year or so.

The usabality of HA7 seems not be any better. Regarding beta test runs that show an appearence rate of more than 50% for 1*, less than 10% for 3* and even less than 1% for a 4* troop.

HA10 seems to have at least a use for those who are still lacking some S1 heroes.

Let’s not even talk about the other levels.

As expected, SG didn’t fail in disappointing the player community again…

@zephyr1 Is there also a master thread for fixing HA in preparation that will be launched when HA goes live? It will be needed…


Lol… While grinding away in the HA, player earns Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, and Medical Degree. :smiley:


I think you meant Troops, right?

Season 1 4* Heroes can be Trained in Hero Academy.

4* Troops cannot.

You asked what this is for:

It’s stating how long it would take to produce enough Troop feeders from Hero Academy to be able to level up a 4* Troop from Level 1 to Level 30.

You’d need to get the 4* Troop from the Epic Troop Summons, though, using an Epic Troop Token or gems.

There’s currently nowhere else in the game to get 4* Troops.


I don’t think one exists yet, but I agree it’s an inevitability.


There is Epic Troop Summon who P2W usually utilize.

Of course F2P can also use them though unlikely as most of them save the gems for hero summon.

But that is my F2P experience on raising troops to level 23 in 1.5 years by never using the gems for Epic Troop Summon, solely based on ETT and farming.


Well, aside from being able to help train troops instead of always relying on map drops or EHT, this would be a welcoming addition. The not discussed part (of where a 4* troop can be retrained into other type) would be useful for me in one instance, maybe I could finally get myself the missing 4* Green Crit I am still searching for while I seem to have a number of dupes of the other 9 types. Of course, if RNGesus has anything to say, it will probably make that RNG with a catch too. And of course, after getting said troop (if that happens), this feature will become kind of useless to me too.


Sorry, I meant troops, yes.

Aaaah now I get it. Thanks.


I never said i’m happy. I expressed my feeling on beta topic.
Just looking for the value of the building to choose if i will build it or not. Clearly not what i was hoping but i can’t do more.

Perhaps, the building should be renamed “Troops Academy”.

Level 2 and level 4 are so similar that if we couldn’t launch 2 queues at the time, i wouldn’t see the value of the value of having this 2 levels :slight_smile:

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Oh why thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I plan to keep my eyes around since I could not delete the account anyway. I should say I am kinda curious to know what’s going to happen next.

Well thank you!! As I said above I should still follow and post here and there during the HA discussion. I (almost not anymore) believe the more voices screaming here, the better.


@zephyr1 did those numbers take into account that troops can only eat their given color and with RnG there’s no telling how far apart you may get which color and what not

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No, they’re based on average distribution, so there will be some unevenness.

But obviously over a large number of Trainings, that would be expected to even out, like with Training Camps.


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