Using goods in the Inventory

How do I access and use the goods contained in my inventory

Brumlad, go to:

This is a must read for understanding this game.

Welcome, and good luck!

since this isn’t an actual guide, but a request for a link, @Rook would you mind moving this somewhere else.

I’d hate for the actual guides to get pushed further down.

It’s taken care of. :wink:

Thanks for the info.

I created several battle items and I came back to the game a few hours later to hit the Titan in all the battle items I created in all the crafting pieces I needed to create those items are all gone

Are you saying the battle items you created disappeared? Or that you discovered you didn’t have enough ingredients to make them?

If the first, you can send in a Support ticket. From in-game, click:

Menu > Options > Support (other)

They where missing and I didn’t use them now my Leo is gone the only 5* yellow I had!!!

I got a similar problem.

I just was awarded a epic coin.

But when I went to use it 2 min later it was gone.
What the… Please fix me a new coin.

Best wishes Roine

Please report to Game Support as per my last post. From in-game:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)

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