Using Enter for send messages in Bluestacks?

Is anyone using Bluestacks to play this game? Could you please show me how to using ‘Enter’ key to send message in chat? Thank so much!

I haven’t used it in a while, but I think Enter key won’t send the message as you have to click the Send button on the screen.

You could use a hotspot to designate a keyboard key to that part of the screen, that way whenever you physically press that key it will “touch” that area of the screen (but this could affect typing).


Thank @DaveCozy, I got it!

hey, i know it’s been 2 years, and maybe you have found the solution , but i just want to share mine for those whos still searching for the solution.

the thing is, macro will not work if the cursor is in the typing box, because every key in your keyboard will just register as a character.

what you want to do is turn on your on-screen keyboard, and type your sentences. After typing, press escape, so you will click out of the typing box, and macro will work again. I set mine to press enter if i press F1, so everytime i want to send the message, i just press ESC then F1. I prefer this methode than clicking with mouse. it drove me crazy.

Good luck!

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