Using Emblems - Ameonna or Sabina?

I have enough sorcerer emblems to get a 4* fully talented. Should I go with Ameonna or Sabina?


One million %

If that’s a thing in mathematics

High attack, great special

Useful almost everywhere

Amoeba is very, very niche and lets your opponents ghost tiles through her.


Sabina for sure.
This fantastic Hero Grading table can help you make decisions too.

I have trouble deciding where to use some of them. I also have enough Barbarien emblems to max a 4*. I have been undecided for a while if I should go 5* with Miki or go with 4*. I have Grimm and Gretel for 4’s already full leveled

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I was quite lucky iv got some healers already emblemed or was going to be.
If Sabina is your main healer or you don’t have that many put them on her as you probably be using her more in the long run!
But one day show some love to ghosty!
This is mine


I would go grimm if goin 4*
Which if miki is your only 5* barbarian, i would go 4*

Even taking Grimm to +7 is worth it with a lot of 4* as they still have use for you.
With out doing a full reset! In the long run.

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In my honest opinion, Sabina 100%
Good luck

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I agree with Sabina as a first choice, but Ameonna :microbe: is actually a solid second choice for holy Titans. (As is Sabina, too.)

The self attack buff is quite useful, and when she’s in Ghost Mode it’s akin to a 20%+ Blind for the Titan’s slash attacks, as she can take hits and sustain no damage.

Some players also like her on Offense for War. She can finish off the last bit of a fight when the rest of the team is heavily damaged or dead.

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These are my leveled or mostly leveled barbarians and I have 535 emblems to use in inventory

Oakenshield,i did max and emblem ameonna before. I totally regret it, sge is useful on a few niche occasions that matter the least in your overall gameplay. I transferred them as soon as i had another sorcerer maxed.

As for barbarians, i used to have grimm fully emblemed, and he was no more a pushover for the high star titans so he worked wonders. I don’t have gretel but i guess she would work well with emblems as far as i know from raid videos. Miki does his job well even without emblems, imo. Increase the stats of a hero that deals damage with special skill

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Thanks everyone…I think I will max Grimm and Sabina. I’m still thinking of maybe taking both Grimm and Gretel to like 11 or 12 each. I appreciate the advice😊

This is the only place I’ve had any joy with her, as a Hail Mary :pray: on my last team

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I am currently getting Sonya fully leveled and I am going to level her costume afterwards. I am thinking of putting a few emblems on her. I think I have enough to get her talents to like 11 or 12. Is she worth that many?

This has become a roster advice thread so you might want to stay more on topic from now on. I think sonya costume is useful as it is. It might be a good idea to emblem her if you have no better options.

I don’t mean for this to be rude in any way. I started this thread about emblems and my last post was about emblems for Sonya so I don’t think went off track at all. I was continuing to ask for advise.

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If I need to post in another area of forum when asking for help please let me know

Lol i think i sounded bossy for no reason, sorry. I intended to suggest you to look for a thread about sonya to post under :).

IMO Sonya has no match until you get 5* paladins.

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