Using dragon banner with bear and turtle at the same time

Does anyone know how the effects would be like when we using Dragon Banner together with Bear Banner or Turtle Banner?

For example: defense 30+25 = +55% (straight) or more complex calculation method…

The effect doesn’t stack and the last override the first one.

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Thank you very much…

@FraVit93 is correct :slight_smile:

Most straight attack buffs do not “stack” or add together in any way.

So for example Boldtusks special ability and the attack boost from a bear or dragon banner would not add together. Only the most recently used would be counted.

The boost from Wu Kong however is a ‘dice’ symbol in game, and DOES stack with a regular attack boost. Gregorian also has a unique buff that affects attack damage. (The bullseye boosts critical chance).

The best way to boost damage is:
Add any attack boost (bear banner is easiest, boldtusk is effective)-
Add Wu Kong’s ability
Add a defense debuff to the target (ramming pulverized by tiberfus or Grimm for example)

Good luck !