Using Android emulator


There is one issue that bothers me very much. Is it allowed to use Android emulators for the game?
On my phone the game slows down and freezes sometimes. This does not cause problems in regular battles. But in the battles with the Titans every second is very important. So I started using Memu (Android emulator) on my PC. There is no framedrops.
Now I’m worried if this could be considered as a suspicious behaviour (using third-party software, maybe suspicios changes of locations/timezones, using unrecognized device etc.)


Bluestacks is allowed, it’s a safe assumption other emulators are as well.

Fiddling with your clock time, well don’t. Not sure why you would anyway unless you are traveling extensively in which case it is probably time to get a different phone heh.


I’m travelling around the world next month. (Germany-New Zealand an back). Would this be a problem regarding timezones ?


Timezone shouldn’t be; changing time / date though is a no-no.