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Inquiry: Why doesn’t the game detect that I’m writing text in our Alliance chat. I will get a disconnected for inactivity message. Then Everything I worked hard so hard to write is gone. I must start over. Why do we have so many character spaces for a text message we cannot complete based on the short window b4 getting disconnected?

You get 10 minutes before disconnected for inactivity. Should ve plenty of time to write something

What I don’t understand is why writing in the chat isn’t considered


The game probably only considers when you change from one area to another, editing heroes in some fashion, or battling.
I know it doesn’t count time we’re just scrolling and lurking in chat. So if you’ve been reading for a while then you might not have much left of that 10 minutes Talisax mentioned that you get before you are disconnected for inactivity. If you want your full 10 minutes then you can switch out of chat and go back in before starting your message. If I had to guess, when you tap on the box to edit it’s using your phone’s keyboard to create the message. The game doesn’t ‘see’ what you’re doing until you hit send.

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That makes sense, thank you. You’re correct, when accessing chat, the game
switches to your phone keyboard and I’m definite it cannot monitor phone
keyboard activity. Thank you for the tip about exit chat and then return
before writing a message.

I will communicate this with my Alliance.

Thanks, Coppersky!

or pop up a shorter message first. that would restart the timer too

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I don’t type very fast, and English isn’t my spoken language. But I have problems with the disconnecting too, and it sadly happens to often that I get disconnected because the time is flying when I’m online. Isn’t it possible to register when we are typing at all?

I don’t know if it’s possible to change things so that typing is recognized by the game as activity. You could post the idea into the ideas and suggestions category though.

Aside from the ideas posted above (pop up a short message, then your long one; go out of chat and back in before starting), shorter messages would work. Or if it really does take that long to create a message you could type it in a notepad app on your phone and copy and paste it over to the game.


Does anyone know if in game chat can be edited after you post it?

Nope. You can’t edit your message, you can’t delete it.


Thanks I appreciate it!

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