Using a summons token uses ALL summons tokens

This use to not happen this way. Now if I have 5 available summons and I click it once it burns them so in a row. I’d like to be able to do then one at a time like I was able to since I started playing this game.
I think a 10x option would be great but it’s great because it’s an OPTION not a requirement.

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Wow, really? It definitely should consume one token at once.


I just tested this and didn’t see this behavior.

Android version

I will save up my tokens and post screen shots.

Pixel 3
Android version 9
Build #: PQ1A.190105.004

E&P Version: 22.1.1 Build 1093

Are you VIP? I’m am right now, though I’m not always and this is the first time I’ve had this problem. If you are not having this problem maybe it’s because you are not VIP?

I’m VIP.

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VIPs get a 2x daily draw. That happens twice in a row, but that’s not token based.

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Yeah, I cannot explain it. I was all set up with a handful of tokens and it didn’t happen today. I don’t know if it’s a one-off; but the one time it happened it used all the token I had (4-5).

Today, I went it, and it worked perfectly normal, like it always has.
I guess I’ll say it’s a non-issue.

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