Using 3*/ unemblemed 4*/ 5* at 3.70 against strong teams


I am curious what are your experiences in using 3*/ unemblemed 4*/ 5* at 3.70 against strong teams in wars or raids.

I am in an alliance that has a war score of around 130k.

Until a couple of weeks ago I was using successfully in wars 3*/ unemblemed 4*/ 5* at 3.70 heroes.

In the last couple of weeks I think also the team power of the teams we’re facing has increased (usually at least 4600-4700+ TP) and these heroes are getting killed after 2-3 slash attacks or 1 slash attack and 1 special. I usually use 3-1-1, with the two off-colour heroes being healers.

Of course if I manage to fire an (over)healer early in the game, I am fine, but if I don’t have a good board, which happens often enough, they get killed very quickly. Recent examples: Lidenbrock at 4.20, Xno at 3.70, Frosth at 3.70 and Frosty at 3.55 +19

And I think back when I was reading about people using 3* and 3.70 5* successfully in wars and raids. And I remember that I used to do that as well. So either my game play got worse, either I advanced too far in the game and I need to adapt accordingly or with limit breaks and all defenses are stronger and stronger or a combination of all of these.

I want to stress that this is not a “complain” post, just one of sharing perspectives and understand how I should adapt my gameplay. Maybe simply I should not attack anymore such strong teams with unmaxed 5* heroes and use these teams only for clean-ups.

Looking forward for your experiences and perspectives.

I’ve felt like there was a sudden change in the effectiveness of my 3*s, even when emblemed/LB’d. I assumed it was just rng or I crossed some threshold & was getting matched to new higher power/different hero teams. (Similar timeframe was shifting from being in low gold to high gold for arenas & a high percentage of war wins). Not the first time of hitting a plateau as I grow, so I didn’t ascribe anything more to it than that, but maybe there is?

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I would hazard a guess that due to the way the damage calculation works when the offence Vs defence ratio gets over a certain point out can start to become overwhelming and it might just be because of the increased teams you are facing?

A bit like the map stages, in the beginning you get to where you can’t go anymore because it reaches a tipping point even with his strategy then just a few levels up here and there and you can go on a few more?

That’s my unfounded but realistic theory based on what you have said!


It’s probably a combination of factors…

  • it’s quite possible to ‘over advance’ in stages / raids so that you’re simply overwhelmed by the opponents stats. Then it’s a matter of carefully selecting the team with your specials to match theirs and just accept you need an above average board
  • also realise that a lot of the newer heroes have passive skills so that actual damage received is less than with others
  • sometimes it’s not even the TP that’s the issue, speed matters! If they’re all fast then they’re so much more likely to fire before you so avoid those teams
  • work on your troops to bring the supporting stats up
  • accept cleanups or aim for the more suitable opponents! Generalisation: Depending on your teams, if you’re more than 300 TP lower than theirs then you need an above average board!
    good luck!
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And, of course, as time goes on, more and more defences will be fully emblemed and/or limit broken, so they simply are stronger than they used to be.



I agree

Many players used emblems on War defense first

Then when players had 1x X*+20 defense team, and 3x X*+20 attack team, SGG added limit breakers

When players have 4x teams ( 1x defense, 3x attack ) with limit breakers, SGG will add the next power up ( see notes )

Negative power creep

I agree

See notes


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Small team

Pseudo 8* heroes

Negative power creep

Defense versus attack