Using 3* heroes in platinum just because

I’ve decided my trophy count is not a meaningful number to me but that winning difficult raids with 3* heroes would be amusing.

My latest objective is simply finding a use case for Nordri. I have 3 of them maxed and 2 with emblems. I’ve been using the most emblemed one in a blue stack lately. ( no frida ) I am finding him to be quite competitive in platinum!

The below raid took 2 attempts to win- as in the first attempt I didn’t have enough blue matches to charge up a single hero before being wiped out. :rofl:
The second match (as seen in image) was loaded with blue tiles. Using Nordri before Isarnia is letting her register 600+ damage hits on offense, which is crazy.

Anyway, nothing value adding on this thread, mostly I was wondering if where were others trying to mess around with 3* heroes in platinum?

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