Using 2 Tarlak

Good afternoon, tell me such a question. In the parameters of Tarlak it is written that his damage increases by 100% and adds up to 160% with the same. If I use 2 Taralak, then one of them interrupts the power of the other, and does not summarize it. I consider this a serious flaw and please correct it!

It is that way by design.

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Why then write what develops up to 160% normal attack??

This just means that when he is stacked with other attack buffers or Wu, 160% is the maximum buff. Essentially it only means you never should bring Tarlak and Wu to the same fight.

In general buffs like this never stack with more of themselves. Bringing 2 Tarlaks together is not helpful other than marginally if you can offset firing his special to keep it going longer.

Sorry you misunderstood the card. Perhaps it could be worded better. Hopefully your second Tarlak can be useful in War.

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