Username on game

Can anyone tell me why I would be having an issue with changing my username once? I have contacted support and was told I would need to spend 500 gems bc I changed my name once from the name that was automatically given to me when I signed up. This doesn’t make sense bc I firstly don’t recall that happening and secondly I have 2 people in my household that also play and have the option to change their name once and have a name of their choosing, not some auto name from sign up.

The 1st rename username is free, after that it cost 500 gems.


So why is it I was given an auto name with one chance to change it while other players are given two chances? For example. My son plays, he had a username of his choosing and when he goes in he has an option to change it 1 time. I chose the name I have once from the get go… but am being told the game gave me a name automatically and I had once chance to change it from their auto choice to a name of my choosing.

If I remember right, you get to choose your name in begin. It has some auto-name on it and you probably have click past that and change it later on. So your free name change has probably gone for that. :slightly_frowning_face:

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