User and Alliance Statistics

One thing about the games is personal performance. You play, you fight, you loose, you win, you get experienced, you go up and down. In the end you want to see how well you performed.
The personal panel that shows you a few records is a good point to start but, believe me, nothing is more attractive than a full stats page.
I would like to see all kind of stats.

  • Number of stages I fought
  • Number of monsters I fought
  • What hero was used more often
  • What hero was used in battles I won
  • What hero was used in battles I lost
  • What is the total time I played.
  • What is the total amount of money I spent.
  • Who was I versing in raids (from the beginning)

On alliance level, there could be even more stats

  • Most active users
  • Most productive users
  • Most lazy users
  • War stats
  • Titan stats
  • Score evolution
  • Total rewards

And so on.
All these could positively contribute to the game and make the players happy.

I am seeing here a bunch of lists made by passionate players, grades and ratings, position suggestions, leveling up and ascending statistics, all kind of spreadsheets that could be VERY useful to have them IN THE GAME, not in a forum where you maybe find the file attached which was probably updated 3 months ago.
I am sure there are plenty of users that would happily contribute to these stats and I am looking forward to this.