Useless support?

As posted in a previous thread I lost around 300 trained fodder heroes due to a training center bug (confirmed by support, atleast they manage to do something right) and contacted support about this. Provided screenshots and a video of how the bug works and got a “we MIGHT look into this in a future update, but blah blah blah”. The support staff decided to be reaaaaally nice and compensate my loss with 2 summon coins and a flask which I believe is crap in comparison to what I lost (300 heroes or (600 recruits + 300 adv kits + 700k ham + 1 week of training)). I tried to question this decision and why they just couldn’t give me back what I lost (or atleast parts of it), but whenever they receive a new enquiry in my ticket they keep marking it as SOLVED without answering me. In my last messages to support my frustration is evident, but well… they keep closing without answering me.

Maybe I’m acting entitled… but I clearly believe 2 coins and a flask (700 gems?) isn’t comparable to my loss. I wonder how far 700 gems will get me trying to get 600 recruits, 300 adv kits, 700k ham and speed up the training for a week… not far.

Support is utterly useless, the only one who seems to have some sort respect for the player base is Petri. Be careful how you spend your time and money in the game and for the love of all that is holy; don’t get caught by a training center bug, because the only help you’ll get is [none].

Yes, I’m bummed out and I will most likely get tared and feathered for speaking out, but I really don’t care.

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At least they give you something, for my 8 titan loots loss i don’t get even a sorry.

I know, thats not comforting at all, but out of curiosity i read the terms of service. All the terms.

I suggest to read that too. You may understand many things.

Yea, you are right. I guess I was outta line thinking a support team for a profitable company would actually even try to help, even less answer and using the ToS as a bible.

Hi there! Welcome to the Forum.

I understand you are frustrated, and I want you to get a happy resolution, but colorfully insulting the company you expect help from might not be the way to go.

Every game company is governed by Rules and/or Terms of Service. Please take a quick gander at the Forum Rules (as I don’t like silencing folks who ignore them or perhaps don’t know them yet.) :wink:

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Yea, that is one way of putting it…

No worries, I’ll fall back in line like the rest.

To SGG and support team: I want to thank this lovely company for reaching out and helping me in every possible way… And of course for “maybe” dealing with a bug that can delete all your queued heroes in training camp. I ask for your forgiveness and wish you all the best in your future endeavors supporting your pious playerbase.

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