Useless Recruits

I’m having recruits in 3 training camps, almost 10 years in 3 camps.

Please allow us to use them, to train 4* training hero’s with 300 recruits with in 30 minutes. So that we can utilise those recruits. Else no use reaching millions of recruits without use.

And here I am nearly out of recruits

What are you using Recruits for now? How did you end up with that many?

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you want the food back you can get it

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If you have the Hero Academy now, I suggest that you use the recruits to produce feeder troops instead. I am currently running HA 4 for 2* feeder troops and HA 6 for 3* feeder troops - both of these HA levels consume a ton of recruits. They will help you level your troops a little faster :grinning:

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I’m kept for trading to train the train hero’s. And second action is retrain the hero’s.

All camps are having materials to run years and years.

What is the use of them

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