Useless raids

useless raid … if I do a raid is because I try to win cups and be stronger … if I win well and if I lose patience … but if I win I also want to keep the cups, with this game no … another player comes and loses … he returns a second time and loses … well then he does a third time and even if he plays with his eyes closed he also wins everything he lost before … this is absurd, the game is just luck

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@Rook @Petri

Rook/Petri - can we open up a complaints subforum? We are literally clogging up general discussion with repetitive rants and it makes it really hard to sort out productive general discussions here.


but if small has also removed from the android section complaints in the mail … do not care what we say … do not improve anything … what sense does it make a section? talking to the wind is the same, when we all get fed up chude the game and go elsewhere … and yet they could also listen to the opinion of one who has brought a well of money into their coffers …

SG Devs do read the Forum. They cannot reply to each and every post, but they are aware of the contents of the Forum.

I am pleased that players ARE encouraged to post their thoughts and feelings about the game. I find it refreshing for a Game Company to actually care. :wink:


Perhaps we need some new forum sections, just to tidy things up?

  • Complaints about raid mechanics

  • Complaints about raid rewards

  • Complaints about imagined bias in board colour distribution

  • Complaints about trophies

  • Complaints about wanted chest contents

  • Complaints about Titan kill rewards

  • Compliants about scarcity of ascension items

  • Complaints about scarcity of crafting items

  • Complaints about scarcity of high level heroes

  • Complaints about special event difficulty

  • Complaints about special event rewards

  • Complaints about nonexistent season 2


You forgot:

  • “Complaints about Complaints” :wink:

oh I’ve got that one cornered.

But in all seriousness, the noise is starting to cancel out the signal here. It’s starting to become not worth bothering to even look at the forums, since it’s degenerating into just a bunch of whining. No constructive criticism, just whining, without even bothering to see if there’s other threads. You think new players are gonna wade through all that junk?

  • Complaints about Brobb being too rude



I view raiding as a primary source of food and iron. Caring about cups right now seems silly.


We just need give time to devs , nothing good come easy and fast … The game is still a build , some people should just come there sh… down i think … Nothing never ever was perfect and never will be …

If you did. Casino with the update you see to fix because I am 4. Days that my allies and I are attacked while. We are online or on the map … If this is yet another filth. To balance the raids you see you stop, you are ruining everything possible in this game.

If they start the raid shortly before you go online you get the message of beeing raided minutes after you logged in.

I play 1 year I think I know … If I’m online for 30 minutes doing the map and the raid wrote 3 minutes ago … What do you say?

If it is a revenge and you are n top 100, then it is not a bug. Are you in top 100?

ok think I’m stupid … I repeat that I play for 1 year and the difference between raid and raid revenge I understand … I’m talking about RAID … if I were in top 100 now it would be stupid to come here to complain … do not you think? ??

I generally have to weed through it and send the worthwhile stuff to my alliance. I agree that we need some other forums.

So, I am just going to assume you didn’t just meant to be rude, but it is just that English isn’t your first language (it isn’t mine either).

Asking if you are in the top 100 if you have been playing for a year isn’t that strange though. I have been playing for a year too and I am in and out top 100 all the time. And you get revenged while online if you are in the top 100. It wasn’t so long ago that they changed that, so why wouldn’t you complain if you didn’t know?

If that is not what is happening, then you are experiencing a bug, so you should do a bug report.