Useless level 20 training camp

Theres no such thing published, only for the pulls outside the TC.
But heres my percentage which should be pretty accurate and it should give you a good indication of the drop rates. All in all my dr where not the best but not bad either.

Total pulls 102 %
5 ***** 6 5,88
4 **** 15 14,7
3 *** 81 79,5

What is training time? Thank for info.

Sample size is large enough to be statistcally accurate… It always scares me when results are NOT published. Typically abuse occurs …have seen it with online slots.

2 day training time for TC20

I run 2 TC20 and have it timed so that 1 training camp finishes at 6:00 am every morning :slight_smile:

Do not give up.
I trained 43 times to see my first 5 * on TC.
But … I’ve already won 25 Heroes 5 * in total. in TC…
play to 18 months.

Around 200 trained heroes to date, just from my head: 2Sartana, 3Elena, 2Thorne, 2Vivica, Justice, Horghall, Lianna, Marjana, 2Domitia … not bad, especially combined with duplicates of useful 4 like Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm. However, patience is king - longest period with 3* only was 13 trainings in a row, longest run without 5* probably around 40 trainings.

I’ve had tc20 running for 3 weeks and all it’s given me is 3*'s at this point. I had given up running them because of the poor rate of heroes. But I’m finding that getting heroes all together sucks lately… I’ve been playing over a year I’m working on 3*'s because pulls and tc20 have nothing!!!

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Don’t give up yet.
I give up on event summons for some reason and rush my tc20.
Pulled the 1st 5 * on 2nd week and there had been no turning back ever since.
2x Kadilen, 2x Isarnia, Thorne, Quintus, Obakan, Richard, Lianna, Magni and Marjana within 5 months is not too bad at all.
Thanks to the Atlantis Rises, two tc20 had been running 24/7 on 20 days production que until I get Joon.
All it takes was some patience…and probably tons of luck.

I ran double for about 3 - 4 months and I believe I got 2 5*'s from that… That was why I had given before… And again I’m seeing nothing… It seems the game only rewards those who are high spenders… I introduced my boyfriend to the game, he likes to spend… He in 4 months he passed me in heroes and I was at a year at that point!!!

I don’t think spending has anything to do with luck. Sometimes we just go through dry spells and then suddenly get good things back to back. I am a F2P player, and have ran 108 TC20 trainings till now and have got 83x 3 stars, 20x 4 stars and 5x 5 stars. So this is close to expected results published in the forum.

Also, even if someone gets many 5 stars just my spending money he/she will still have to acquire ascension materials (AM) to fully level them. Each 5 star hero consumes 18x AMs, which usually takes a lot of time to collect. So you will still be able to compete because you will acquire items too in that period of time and also a few 5 stars from TC20 to level.

Also, one thing to remember is that 4 stars are the real backbone of this game. They are faster to level, takes less AMs (6x AMs each) and with emblems can be almost as strong as 5 stars. So if you have a deep bench of 4 stars before you start working on 5 stars, it will make your life much easier in titans, events and quests, which are the main sources of more AMs. :slight_smile:


As @ThePirateKing said, having too many 5* is a burden.
Dont be like Dora “OoO pretty 5*…”
4* are critical


I spent close to a thousand bucks on every event summons and the best I hot was a few lousy 4 * with only Richard and Quintus as a notable pulls along with Kunchen Anzogh. There are others who did 100 pulls in a go without getting a single legendary hero!
Since turning c2p/f2p, I had acquire more than 10 legendary heroes from tc20 and Miki from a token pulls.
Game should be fun. Too much spending kill the fun(as what I’ve had experienced).
With relaxed approach, comes lesser expectation. Thus, I am able to enjoy the game more than ever.

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Leveling 3*'s at this point in the game is not fun!! I’m not getting 4 or 5… I’m just leveling for tournament at the moment… It is getting boring…

It’s just a game. Any game was meant to be enjoyed.
Don’t give up on tc20 yet. Be patience and you will eventually get rewarded.

My TC 20 i working on # 18 and allready gave me on # 6 Marjane and Magni on #10.
8 3* and 7 4* ( unfortunately all dups :slight_smile: ) .
I happy with mine so far, i have 28 days in right now, will bring it up to 30 within the next 2 or 3 days. Than forget about it for a month.
Or until i get some compasses.
Have fun.

I first started playing this game as a F2P. I got to the point to build all 4 TC20. In 5 months of having 2 TC20 working 24/7/365 I only got not the best 5* heroes (horghall, justice, kadilen, elkanen, and elena). I didn’t ascend any of them. I stopped running my tc20s and started spending a budget of $500 every month for 3 months, but… the results were disappointing considering the $$$ spent: Guardian Owl, Vivica, Elena, Justice, Quintus, Zimkitha, Ranvir, and Mok-Arr. Then I decided to run 2 tc20 again and to my surprise the first hero to show up from my tc20 was Joon. Two days later Domitia and Sartana. Then I got Vivica, and Richard, and most recently Lianna. All I can say is that I am happy now, its like these heroes were waiting for me to start my tc20s again. Stop it for a week or 2 and start it again and see what happens. I think it works.

why stop running TC20? you got better things to do with you training centers? it is not like you need a lot of feeders for your alleged all 3* roster. run two TC20s constantly and you wont be disappointed!

I had completed 63 trainings or so. All but 1 were 3* and 4* (and surprisingly many Wu Kongs). The single one 5* is Leonidas. But I am sure in the long run I will catch on with the numbers (normally it should be 5% per training, I am currently at ~1.5%).

The problem with 5% is that, from my experience, it is a probability for which you start to have long drought streaks. Reminds me of farming Hellgate Flames in Final Fantasy XII, which had also 5% drop rate and one could kill 200 monsters and get one. Same here. However, Law of Great Numbers states that for big number of TC20 trainings you should achieve 5%. So, persistence is the key, not stopping when you have bad streak, as it’ll necessarily correct itself. It can take time though. To speed up a things, I am building third TC20, since most of heroes I wanted to train are trained.

I hope though those 5% will net me Vivica, not Thorne.

I have had TC20 since January 20 and keep running it but never got 5* hero too. My friend who started this game a year before said he got few of 5* but since the game has idea for Hero Academy or legendary quest, he never got 5* anymore. This sounds like misleading of word “legendary” training. Perhaps the chance for getting 5* out from TC20 or legendary quest is less than 1% now.

The chances of getting a 5* from TC20 are around 5%. Obviously if you only run one TC20 it feels like the 5* heroes will never appear cuz of the wait time.

Run three TC20 at the same time like I do and you’ll get better results bro :+1: