Useless level 20 training camp

Its been a long time now since i upgraded my training camp to level 20 and all i get in return is heros with 3 stars. Its very annoying and frustrating spending weeks on upgrading training camp and hoping to get legendary or epic heros but all you get is rare ones that you can simply have with a training camp level 13. It seems not fair game just need you to spend all your money on gems to get a strong team.

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How long have you kept TC20 running? It should generate around 75% 3s, 20% 4s, and 5% 5s so it pays off in the long term, not necessarily soon after starting. I’ve been running one since January and am very happy to have gotten Azlar, Joon, Richard, Kadilen, and Elkanen.


In 14 trainings on TC 20 I got Li Xiu, Melendor, Sartana…

Then dont use it?
You can still get quality Heroes from other sources

what are you smoking?

Who are you referring to, @Denys?

I had a poor experience with tc 20. I ran it from November until April and got 3 5*. I had 3 going for about a month. I quit using it and just build feeders now. It is too frustrating for me.

My best heroes come from TC20 as well.

I have 2 running 24/7. The 4* and 5* will come to you. If you persist. Not sure how fixed those percentages are though. Can’t evade the impression they’ve been lowered.

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I got two TC at level 20 and so far had even two 5* heroes and many, many 4*. For me it was best decision I ever made in this game to priorize TCs!

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I started off hot with 3 5* in my first 50, then went ice cold in my next 70, and then produced 2 more in my last 20…

So, it’ll happen, just RNG at work. We had someone go 6 months without one and he’s gotten FOUR in the last 2 weeks. All good ones too!


I have 3 lvl 20 training camps. I have received 31 three star heroes, 6 four star heroes and ZERO five star heroes.


I’ve just completed FORTY level 20 trainings. I’ve received TWO 5 stars, EIGHT 4 stars and the remainder are 3 stars. I’m not unhappy with my results. I’m at level 19 on my second camp.

Interestingly though, you are spot on for the % of training for TC20, 5%, 20% and 75%

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The only other option is to keep training at level 13. At least with level 20 you have a SLIGHT chance of getting a 5 star.


How many recruits does tc20 require for each pull?

100 recruits per training

Do you have a few I can borrow then? I’m a few short. Lol. Jk

Just grind S1-8-7 and S2-15-8 Hard (use tickets for this one) :wink:

Does anybody know the ACTUAL draw rates for the lvl 20 training camp? Has Small Giant published them? Are they changing them? It would be nice to know ALL these things?

Search for “TC20 results” on the forum.

Typically TC20 run around 5% for 5* and 15% for 4*
I am currently at 4.1% and 14.8% after 345 trainings

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